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Was one of your resolutions that this year would finally be the year you got *choke* organized? And now, time has passed, and you have nothing to show for it? Are you waiting for someone or something to inspire your decluttering journey? Did you say this same thing last year, or even last month? Getting inspired to begin the decluttering process is hard, but once you get started, it does get easier and the end result is absolutely worth it.

It’s time to snap out of that slump and get to work! Oftentimes we just don’t realize how much stress is caused my the quantity of stuff we have accumulated in our lives. We have to store it, we have to clean it, we feel guilty if we don’t use it, and it just creates a heaviness in the atmosphere that can bring us down!

Here are ten quotes that will hopefully inspire your decluttering journey. These quotes will shine a fresh light on the task ahead of you, and bring back some of that motivation to declutter. They are all short and simple, but contain so many truths. Good luck to you!


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E Riddle Quote


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w Missner quote


Marie Kondo quote


C Richardson quote


Will Rogers quote


Vandenberg quote


Mrs. Beeton quote


Francine Jay quote

I hope you found these quotes inspire you to start decluttering. Just get started with something simple, such as cleaning just one drawer, and work your way into more complex tasks. Set deadlines, like scheduling a charitable organization to come collect your boxes of discards on a certain date, or creating a reward when you complete certain tasks.

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