10 Best COVID-themed Christmas Ornaments of 2020

The ten best 2020 Christmas ornaments commemorate our year of COVID – quite possibly a year many of us would like to forget. These are meant to be a humorous look at a year like no other.

Ahh, Calendar Year 2020; you are a year of surprises. Of changes, challenges, tragedies, travesties. Sometimes I wonder if once this year is over and gone, we will even want to remember it.

On the other hand, I and many others do like to add an annual ornament to the Christmas tree – something that represents or summarizes the year in some way. For those of us who follow this tradition, I’ve collected ten of the best 2020 commemorative Christmas ornaments.

If you are a collector, I’m sure you’ll find an ornament here that speaks to you and your experience of the year.

Not a fan of ornament collections? Perhaps you can use one of these as a hostess, neighbor, or even a white elephant gift.

Ten Christmas Ornaments to Commemorate the Year 2020

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2020 Pandemic Wooden Christmas Ornament

An engraved wooden ornament, perfect for your farmhouse decor.

This typography-style Christmas ornament summarizes all that we have shared this year by experiencing a global pandemic. From “social distancing” to “front line heroes”, this 3.75″ engraved wooden ornament documents all the most common catch-phrases we learned in 2020.

Christmas in Lockdown 2020 Christmas Ornament

This is a traditional ball ornament, suitable for any style decor. It’s handmade using high quality permanent adhesive vinyl and glitter that shimmers beautifully in the lights. Ornaments can be made in a variety of colors, and read “Christmas in lockdown 2020”.

Gingerbread Man in a Mask

I’ve got a bunch of gingerbread men that I put up on my tree every year, but none quite like this cutie! He’s doing his part to keep his friends and family safe by wearing a gingerbread-man sized mask! Adorable, don’t you think

Personalized Quarantine 2020 Christmas Ornament

If you are a fan of personalized ornaments, you’ll want to check this one out. Shown are four little Santas in masks, but this ornament is offered in solo – 8 Santas, and in different ethnicities as well. So it’s easy to customize the way you want it. You can also have family names or a unique message written on the toilet paper.

Did you notice that the red 0 looks like a little COVID virus?

Humorous 2020 Christmas Ornament featuring the Grinch

Aw, Grinch, was this year really that bad that it “stink, stank, stunk”? Grinch fans will love this depiction of the cantankerous anti-hero , complete with mask. A great commemorative for families with kids, and Grinch fans as well.

2020 Coronavirus Ornament – The Year of Toilet Paper and Masks

This unfinished birch wood ornament is the perfect way to remember this crazy year! It can be hung on your tree as-is (natural wood) to give a rustic farmhouse feel, or can be painted by you or your kids.

Mini Face Mask Christmas Holiday Ornament

An ornament for any decor that uses traditional red and white colors for Christmas. This cute little mask has festive red and green polka dots. It is embroidered with the date 2020, so we never forget the year of the Coronavirus (as if we ever could!)

The Year We Stayed Home 2020 Christmas Ornament

A simple ornament with a sincere, lasting message. 2020 – the year we stayed home.

2020 Globe in a Mask Ornament World Map

This is my personal favorite of the list. It’s a clear yet subtle reminder that the virus didn’t just impact a small group of us where we live. Rather, the impact was worldwide, and our healing must be worldwide as well. This is a traditional ball ornament, hand painted on a glass globe (hang it high if children will be around!)

2020 Covid Virus Metal Christmas Ornament

This raw steel ornament is hand polished to remove any sharp edges, and due to the material no two are exactly alike. Made in Michigan, and guaranteed to be unlike any other ornament on your tree!

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Final Thoughts on 10 Best COVID-themed Christmas Ornaments of 2020

Yes, we will all remember 2020 as the year of the coronavirus. Consider adding any of these ornaments to your tree decor. There’s something here for every taste! As an added bonus, each of these is available online from either Amazon or Etsy, so ordering is simple and delivery is fast.

Tell me, which is your favorite?

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      Thanks for letting me know it was incorrect!

  1. This list is awful! I’m looking for a Christmas ornament, not a reminder of the year that Americans accepted tyranny from the government.

    1. I’m sorry this list isn’t what you were looking for – it is meant to be a representation of this year, and a bit tongue in cheek. Thank you for taking the time to respond anyway, and I hope you find what you are looking for!

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