Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning Projects

Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning Projects

Spring is in the air – can you feel it where you are yet?

I’ll admit to being spoiled living here in Southern California, although it’s only been for just under two years. It has been cold and rainy this year, definitely not the winter I was expecting – sometimes I felt like I was back in Virginia! But, the last couple of days have been sunny and springlike, and since I love the warm seasons, I’m a happy lady.

Much as I want to spend every warm moment outdoors, my house needs some serious cleaning right about now. And I’m not just talking about maintenance cleaning, folks. I’m talking about (whispers stage left) Spring Cleaning.

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The Need For Spring Cleaning

Our whole-house renovations are finally finished, and the last project was changing the carpeting upstairs. Which means that everything upstairs came downstairs during the installation. And the old carpet was just so old. Dirt and dust and yuck are everywhere.

There have been plenty of days in my life when I was perfectly content to spend my day cleaning the house. I wish one of those days would arrive right now but unfortunately it just feels like so. much. work.

I don’t wanna do maintenance cleaning. I don’t wanna do deep, intense Spring Cleaning. I just don’t. Because the house really needs it, I am feeling completely unmotivated.

How do I change my attitude and find the motivation to get started on my Spring Cleaning?

Finding Motivation to Clean

I know a lot of people really like maintenance cleaning schedules. As organized as I am, I have never been one of those people. And I definitely don’t want to get into anything that involves washing windows and scrubbing walls. Not in my current mood.

Enter my revised cleaning schedule – I’ve come up with 31 days worth of quick and easy projects that will help me on my way to a cleaner house without overwhelming my current lazy attitude. These are not ongoing tasks like cleaning bathrooms or sweeping the floor. They are projects that do need to be done every-so-often and friends, they will make a difference in the appearance of my home. And who knows, maybe once I knock out this list, I’ll regain the motivation to do the bigger, heavier chores, too! I’m hopeful, so I will leave that option open!

If you are having trouble jumping on the Spring Cleaning train, check out my list and you’ll see that these really are easy, yet impactful projects. I’m looking forward to that sense of satisfaction when I can say that I’ve completed the entire list, and really, it’s only going to take a month. I’ve got this – how about you?

I like to mark my progress by crossing things off a list as they are completed. Do you? If so, get a free printable version of this 31 day list HERE.

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31 Days of Quick & Easy Spring Cleaning Projects

Week One:

Day One: Wash the front door – inside & out

Day Two: Sweep the front porch & walkway

Day Three: Wipe down the outside of kitchen appliances

Day Four: Scrub the kitchen sink, faucet, & dish drainer

Day Five: Pour ice into garbage disposal & run it to sharpen the blades

Day Six: Organize the spice rack, discard expired spices

Day Seven: Wash everyone’s lunchboxes

Week Two:

Day Eight: Wash utensil caddy

Day Nine: Wash pet food bowls & mats

Day Ten: Sort pet toys, toss any that are worn out or unsafe

Day Eleven: Wipe down washing machine & dryer outside, clean dispensers

Day Twelve: Dust tops of interior doors and windows

Day Thirteen: Dust picture frames, mirrors, & wall art

Day Fourteen: Wipe down all door knobs, spray with disinfectant

Week Three:

Day Fifteen: Clean fingerprints off all light switches

Day Sixteen: Wipe down outlet covers, doorbell chime, H/VAC controller

Day Seventeen: Dust televisions, wipe off stray prints or marks

Day Eighteen: Change batteries in smoke detectors & flashlights

Day Nineteen: Clean & disinfect tv remotes, game controllers, & phones

Day Twenty: Dust fireplace mantel, remove outdated decor

Day Twentyone: Dust/clean fireplace screens or doors

Week Four:

Day Twentytwo: Wash window sills

Day Twentythree: Clean stair bannisters & railings

Day Twentyfour: Clean out medicine cabinets, toss expired medicines

Day Twentyfive: Wash & disinfect bath toys

Day Twentysix: Clear all drains w/mix of baking soda, vinegar & hot water

Day Twentyseven: Sort makeup products, toss outdated, wash makeup case

Day Twentyeight: Clean makeup brushes

Day Twentynine: Clean & disinfect hairbrushes & combs

Day Thirty: Clean hair appliances – blowdryer, straightener, etc.

Day Thirtyone: Sweep garage floor

And – we are finished! I’m going to relax for a bit on my patio, right after I pin this list for next year. I hope you will do the same!

Get your free printable of this list HERE.

Check out my companion guide to this post – How to Clean Everything, which gives easy instructions for all the projects in this post!

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