Best Buys for Your Home in the Spring

Best Buys for Your Home in the Spring

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Spring Sales of Household Products

March and April tend to be quiet months in terms of big sales, especially for home products.  The December Holiday season is a fading memory, and Memorial Day Sales are still a few calendar pages away.  

Does that mean you shouldn’t buy home products in the Spring? I did some digging and discovered that, for the most part, it is good to wait until summer for larger purchases.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule. You can snap up some good deals if you know what to look for. 

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The following six categories may not be the first things you think of when assessing your needs, but sometimes practicality rules the day. Plan ahead and you can take care of these items now, and focus on more exciting purchases down the road.

6 Household Products to Shop for in the Spring

Buy This in the Spring: Cleaning Products

Yeah, I know…really? Not exciting at all. But the cleaning product companies are setting you up for some good old fashioned Spring cleaning, and they are putting their products on sale to help you out.

This is a good time to stock up on eco-friendly cleaning products as well as larger purchases such as vacuums and steam cleaners. Also, it may be time to replace your brooms, mops, dust rags, and other basics.

You have to have cleaning products – you might as well get them on sale!

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Buy This in the Spring: Craft Supplies

On a more fun note, March is National Craft Month! Expect to see plenty of sales at your favorite craft suppliers.  This is an excellent time to stock up on paints, photo album supplies, picture frames, and kid’s craft kits.

Remember, summer will be here before you know it (cross my fingers). You will be glad then that you took the time now to create an inventory of keep-the-kids-busy goodies.

buy in spring - craft supplies

Buy This in the Spring: Indoor Fitness Equipment

New Year’s weight-loss resolutions are wearing thin, and more and more exercisers are starting to take their training outside as the temperatures creep up. Combined, this means makers of indoor fitness equipment are looking to move some products.  Everything from treadmills to yoga mats will be discounted in spring.

If you are looking to add to your home gym or yoga studio, now is a good time to do so.

buy in spring - fitness equipment

Buy This in the Spring: Gardening Equipment and Supplies

In many parts of the country, spring is still a ways away, but in the southern half of the continent, we are sharpening our tools and diagraming our vegetable garden layouts.  Wherever you are, if you are a gardener, you are starting to dream of digging your hands into some rich soil and watching your seeds sprout from the ground.

This is the time to buy any gardening equipment you may need for the coming season, from hand tools to hoses to lawnmowers. Pull your noses out of those seed catalogs just long enough to get your necessities, and you will have everything in-hand when the weather finally warms up enough for you to get outside.

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Buy This in the Spring: Mattresses

Did you know mattresses have a season where new models are introduced? It was news to me. As it turns out, new models come out in Spring. So why are they a good buy now? If you need the “latest” model, then no, they are not such a good deal.

However, if you are willing to accept one of last year’s models (and it’s a mattress – who would know?) you should know that this is the time they are cleared out of inventory to make room for the new ones. 

Quick Tip: Buying a mattress is a lot like buying a new car. Everything is negotiable. At the very least, you should be able to get a free frame and free delivery.


Buy This in the Spring: Kitchen Items and Cookware

As a nod to the plethora of early summer weddings, you can find some good deals on kitchen items and cookware in Spring. If you are in the market for dishware, small appliances, or new pots and pans, now is a good time to grab them.

kitchen cookware

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And 2 Household Products You Should Put Off Purchasing in the Spring:

Wait Until the End of May: Furniture

There will always be some bargains to be had when furniture shopping, as the competition is fierce. Just know that your very best deals will be around the Memorial Day and Labor Day Holiday sales. Why is this? Furniture has two big “new product release” periods each year, and the biggest sales are timed to clear out inventory, so that there is display space available in the stores for all of the new items.

couch and coffee table

Wait Until July: Televisions

Televisions tend to have their big sales moments in November in conjunction with Black Friday deals, and again just before the Superbowl. If you are in a hurry to buy now, you can expect to pay top dollar, but if you can wait a few months, televisions will go back on sale in July, and you may be able to purchase one with more features than if you buy in the Spring.

boy watching tv

A Quick Review

And there you have it – 6 household products to buy now, and 2 to wait on awhile. Personally, I’m always excited for new garden supplies, but for the most part, I’m saving my pennies for later in the year. What are you shopping for this Spring?


  • Cleaning Products
  • Craft Supplies
  • Indoor Exercise Equipment
  • Gardening Equipment and Supplies
  • Mattresses
  • Kitchen Items and Cookware


  • Furniture
  • Televisions

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