A Fall Capsule Wardrobe for A Young Professional

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leopard shirt, rust sweater, brown heels, 2 pairs jeans

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My daughter recently created a capsule wardrobe for the fall season. Capsule wardrobes have been popular for several years now (as evidenced by their popularity on Pinterest), however, this was her first attempt at creating one. I asked her to document her experience so that I could share it with you and she kindly agreed. Here is her “fall capsule wardrobe for a young professional”.

Why Create a Capsule Wardrobe?

Meaghan said she decided to give it a try because she wanted to be more thoughtful about her purchases. She has always asked herself the standard questions like “do I like this?” and “does it fit?”, but she also wanted to dig deeper, and ask “does this complement pieces that I already own?”

She determined that it would be much easier to visualize her wardrobe when she is out shopping if it was condensed down to only the items that she was actually wearing that season.

leopard shirt, rust sweater, brown heels, 2 pairs jeans fall capsule wardrobe for beginners

Shopping Her Closet

Meaghan completed her capsule just by shopping her own closet, creating different outfit combinations from pieces she already owned. Without having a specific “goal number” in mind, her capsule ended up with:

17 tops – including blouses, sweaters, and light jackets

6 dresses

8 pairs of pants – including 3 pairs of jeans

2 skirts

6 pairs of shoes – 2 pairs of booties, 2 pairs of heels, 1 pair of mules, 1 pair of sandals (she lives in San Diego – sandals are appropriate year-round)

rust pants, blue shirt, denim jacket, brown shoes fall capsule wardrobe for beginners

Additional Purchases

The only purchase she has made since creating her capsule has been a pair of 7 for All Mankind jeans, for just $9 at a thrift store (that’s my girl!!)

Creating the wardrobe has made her conscious of where the gaps in her wardrobe are, however. She knows exactly what she will be purchasing in the near future, in order to round out the wardrobe to make it feel more complete and practical for her.

For example, she realized most of her shoes were brown, and is now on the lookout for a good loafer or bootie in black to add to the mix.

And she only has two long-sleeved sweaters! While San Diego winters are mild, there are still some cool days and many cool nights that she will want the cozy warmth of another sweater or two.

Her only jacket currently is a denim jacket, so a leather bomber or olive military-style jacket is also on her list.

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red dress, blue stripe dress, grey dress, and booties

The Experience

Overall, Meaghan found the experience of creating a capsule wardrobe to be really enlightening and has helped her become very thoughtful regarding clothing purchases. Her new streamlined closet can take her anywhere from work meetings to bottomless brunch.

fall capsule wardrobe for a young professional

What Are Your Thoughts?

Have you ever attempted to create a capsule wardrobe? Do you think you would find it helpful? Let me know in the comments below!

Fall capsule wardrobe for a young professional

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