Aren’t those things we all want in our lives?


Like the shapes of the CircleSquareOval logo, these three concepts overlap and flow together and shift around, creating never-ending opportunities to recharge and reinvent ourselves and our surroundings.


Do you want to have a home that’s beautiful, orderly, and functional?  

Would you like to learn quick meditation techniques, make friends as you volunteer in your community, AND learn the easiest way to paint a room quickly?


Let’s go for it – all of it!  Because – well, why not?  


My goal is to educate and empower YOU, my friend, so that you can move forward in all of the directions that make your life better.  

I believe in decorating and organizing with intention and ease. 

I believe that we should – we MUST! – take care of ourselves, physically, mentally, spiritually.  

And we should never lose sight of the bigger picture, creating meaningful connections within our communities, and impacting the world as a whole in positive ways.


So, welcome, friends! I’m so glad you are here!


My name is Lori Roach. Growing up in a military family, and then marrying a civil engineer, I’ve had the opportunity to live all over the US – in 25 different homes, to be exact!  Currently, I am loving life in Long Beach, California, where I’ve been for almost 2 years now.  With all of these moves, I have learned how to settle into a home quickly (with every moving carton unpacked in under 7 days!), make friends, find meaningful work, and create a life for myself and my family wherever we end up!  I have an awesome husband and two incredible grown children.  Some of my favorite things include gardening, rescue dogs (wait until you meet my buddy Ozzie!), and a good cup of tea in the morning.


I hope you’ll join me on this journey!




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