Well, hello, there!


Would you like to live in a home that’s beautiful, orderly, and functional? 

Would you like to learn quick meditation techniques, make friends as you volunteer in your community, AND learn the easiest way to prep a bunch of dinners at once?

How about finding the best places to buy fair trade shoes and learning to make a super-simple, super-effective homemade face moisturizer?


Let’s go for it – all of it!  Because – well, why not?  

You won’t find all of the answers to all of those questions here just yet – but I’m working on it!   Why?  Because finding practical solutions to everyday problems is what I love to do!  My first goal is to educate and empower YOU,  so that you can move forward in all of the directions that make your life better.  

I believe in decorating and organizing with intention and ease. 

I believe that we should – we MUST! – take care of ourselves, physically, mentally, spiritually.  

And we should never lose sight of the bigger picture, creating meaningful connections within our communities, and impacting the world as a whole in positive ways.


So, that means – your linen closet will be organized so that you can find every towel – but it won’t be so fancy that removing one towel ruins the “look”; dinners will taste good and be healthy – but won’t have 17 ingredients that all need to be special-ordered; and you’ll enjoy a spa day without spending thousands!

Yep, we’re gonna be real practical, for real life.  

Goal number two is to build a community here at CircleSquareOval.  It’s just more fun when we get to know each other, so it feels like we are sharing our time with friends.  I’ll always be looking for ways to reach out to you, and I hope you’ll reach right back!  Let me start with a quick introduction:


Hi – My name’s Lori Roach.  

I grew up in a military family, and then married a civil engineer, so I’ve had the opportunity to live all over the US – in 25 different homes, to be exact.  We’ve been enjoying life in Southern California for almost two years now.

With all of these moves, I have learned how to settle into a home quickly (with every moving carton unpacked in under 7 days!), make friends, find meaningful work, and create a life for myself and my family wherever we end up!  My two amazing kids are grown and out of the nest, so now it’s just me, husband Mike, and our super pup, Ozzie.

My husband calls me the “Sunset Queen”, my favorite sound is the pop of a champagne cork, and I’ll take a good burrito over a steak every time.

Your turn – please say “hello”, “hi”, “howdy”, or your greeting of choice in the comments below, and welcome to our friendly community!  I’m glad you are here!