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Amazon Prime Day: Save Money While You Shop in Your Jammies

Amazon Prime Day comes but once a year. There are some amazing Amazon Prime Day Deals available – but for two days only!

When will Amazon Prime Day be held in 2024? It’s a closely guarded secret (but rumor has it that it’s back to mid-July, as in the last two years).

If you plan ahead, Prime Day is ideal not just to score some new things for yourself, but to get a huge jump on gift shopping. Planning ahead and shopping thoughtfully is a form of financial self-care.

You can do all of your shopping at home in your jammies, cup of coffee in hand!

In order to help you out, I have curated a listing of the best Amazon Prime Day Deals from years past, to give you an idea of what may be coming in the future.

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woman shopping on Amazon Prime Day in her pajamas

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What Is Amazon Prime Day?

As I described in this post about shopping with Amazon Prime,

“Prime Day. It’s like shopping on Black Friday (that horrible retail extravaganza that threatens to ruin Thanksgiving every year.)

Except that on Prime Day,

  • You DON’T get up in the middle of the night,
  • You don’t have to drive to any stores,
  • There are NO crowds,
  • You’ll have NO panic that you are missing out on a deal,
  • and you don’t have to haul all those purchases around.
  • Oh, and of course, it doesn’t cut into your Thanksgiving celebrations with family and friends!

You can shop Prime Day in your pajamas, on your couch, drinking hot coffee, and catching up on “Grace and Frankie.” In short – you get stress-free shopping with Amazon Prime. Who doesn’t want that?

Amazon offers more than 1 million deals through the 48-hour event and its discounts are exclusively for Amazon’s 150 million Prime members.

Not a Prime Member? Get a FREE 30-Day Trial

You DO have to be an Amazon Prime member to get the Prime Day deals. The cost in 2024 is $139/year, but I think it’s absolutely worth the cost when considering the vast benefits you receive.

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Yes, you can still sign up for a FREE 30-day trial today, and receive all of the benefits of Amazon Prime including access to all of the Prime Day deals!

FREE 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial

Amazon Prime Day Deals for You Will Appreciate

In the Kitchen:

Instant Pots:

If you don’t already have an Instant Pot, Prime Day is the perfect time to get one! I use mine for everything from last-minute dinners to boiling eggs to my weekly batch of homemade yogurt.

Indoor Herb Gardens:

Have all the herbs you need for your meals right at hand – beautifying your kitchen windowsill! Also makes a perfect gift for the gardener in your life – great for kids, too!

Pots and Pans Sets:

I’ve been using most of the same pots and pans that I received as wedding gifts 30 years ago! How about you – have you upgraded yours yet?

Prime Day Deals exist on all types of pots and pans sets, so you are sure to find one to fit your needs.

Sustainable Kitchen Products:

Start (or continue!) down the path to sustainable living with this selection of reuseable bags, wooden utensils, cotton dish towels, and so much more. Create an eco-friendly kitchen.

Beauty Products

Living Proof Hair Products:

I kid you not, these are the BEST hair products I have ever used for my fine, thin hair. They are ultra-concentrated, so even though the price per bottle may seem high, they last! I have been using the same bottles of shampoo and conditioner for a YEAR now.

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides:

Most of us know by now how important collagen is to our skin and hair. This is the supplement I take daily, and I have seen a huge improvement in my skin elasticity. I put one scoop in my morning smoothie. Great stuff.

FOREO Luna Facial Cleansing Brush:

When my beloved Clarisonic died, I switched to the Luna, and I’ve been super happy with the results.

FREE 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial

Home Decor:

Front Door Wreaths:

Is it time to upgrade your usual front door wreath, or put a seasonal spin on it? Prime Day offers a bunch of options of all styles, at all price points.


You may not have given your table and floor lamps a lot of thought, but changing these up can really upgrade the look of any room.

Most professional decorators will tell you that, no matter how many lamps you have in a room, it’s probably not enough!

The Coziest Blanket Ever:

I just spotted this fuzzy blanket, and it made me want to curl up on the bed in the picture and never get up again! There’s a selection of colors, but I like the soft white best.

Digital Alarm Clock with temperature and humidity display:

I really like the sleek, modern look of this alarm clock! And as a bonus, it reads out the temperature and humidity, so you don’t have to constantly check your phone (or ask your husband!) The price is really good, too!

Women’s Clothing:

Women’s Pajamas:

Admit it, your favorite pjs have seen better days. It’s time for something new.

Women’s Sweaters:

Amazon Essentials sweaters are 40% off on Prime Day, and the quality of this in-house brand is really good. I’m looking for a waffle-weave cardigan for myself!

FREE 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial

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Final Thoughts on Amazon Prime Day: Save Money While You Shop in Your Jammies

I hope this post has given you some idea of the vast variety of products – and incredible deals – available to you on Amazon Prime Day! I’ll continue to update this post throughout today and tomorrow, making sure you don’t miss out on any great deals!

For now, I’ve got to close out my shopping cart!

FREE 30-Day Amazon Prime Trial

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woman shopping on Amazon Prime Day in her pajamas
woman shopping on Amazon Prime Day in her pajamas
woman shopping on Amazon Prime Day in her pajamas

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