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Money Can’t Buy Love – But it can Buy Happiness!

We can all use more happiness in our lives. But can we buy happiness? And does shopping online boost happiness? Yes and yes – in a manner of speaking! Sometimes you can actually buy products that provide joy!

In this post, I’ve curated a list of online shops that focus on creating happiness, kindness, and positivity through their products.

Truly, these are the best online shops with products that provide joy.

Unsurprisingly, these are all small businesses, most of which are found on Etsy.

Most are woman-owned.

Despite those similarities, you’ll be pleased to see a wide variety of products available!

Although recent research from experience analytics company Contentsquare shows that only 15% of consumers are happy with their online shopping experiences, the study didn’t look at shopping for products that were specifically designed to create happiness.

It’s a shift in perspective to go from being happy with your online shopping experience to shopping online for products that provide joy!

Browse this list and you’ll see that these shops want you to enjoy both the shopping experience and any products you choose to purchase. Have a happy time!

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11 of the Best Online Shops with products that provide joy


You can find SimpleDailyJoy on Etsy. My friend Angela creates and sells the cutest stickers, mugs, journals (like this Beach Life Journal!), water bottles, and more. Grab these as a gift for yourself or someone special.

Bonus: Click here for a 15% discount, for CircleSquareOval readers only!

Here’s her newest product, the Monstera logo mug:

Monstera Logo Mug by SimpleDailyJoy, on Etsy


Also on Etsy, lainandlou currently has just three products, and you are going to want all three. You’ll find two styles of envelope stickers and a set of thank-you cards. But how cute are these stickers? I want to put them everywhere – envelopes, yes, but also laptops, journals, planners, and calendars!

happymail stickers for envelopes, The Best Online Shops With Products to Make You Happy
Happy Mail sticker roll by lainandlou, on Etsy


DaisyDesignsPGK creates tons of bright and happy designs for wall art, cards, affirmations, and more. Check out this adorable Little Box of Positivity and tell me you don’t want it right now!

Little Box of Positivity product, products that provide joy
Little Box of Positivity, by DaisyDesignPGK, on Etsy

Cool Bean Living Digital Shop

The Cool Bean Living Digital Shop is a part of the CoolBeanLiving website written and run by my friend MaryJo. Just like me, she’s focused on helping women make the very best of their second act of life!

You can use her wide and varied inventory of personal development tools to improve your mindset, happiness, and well-being.

I especially like the Positive Intentions Workbook and the 150+ page Positive Mindset Toolkit.

Seeds of Happiness

Seeds of Happiness is a shop you’ve got to see to understand. They set out to change the world using leftover lumps of clay! Now we can all join the fun by sharing Seeds of Happiness, Friendchips, Kindness Kits, mugs, and more.

This Happy Dog Seed looks just like my Ozzie!

Happiness is…

Happiness is inc. lets you decide what happiness means to you, from “morning coffee” to “my besties”. Then, you can share your choices with the world via T-shirts, sweatshirts, and even custom dog accessories!


Katiebrookesdesign Katie describes her product line as “groovy illustrations made by me” – which is perfectly accurate.

These are among the cheeriest prints, postcards, stickers, greeting cards, planners, and notebooks I’ve ever seen!

6 colorful positivity postcards
Postcard Pack, by KatieBrookesDesign, on Etsy


CityGirlPlanners has a comprehensive inventory of planners, calendars, and inserts for every imaginable need. My favorite item is the empowering “We Can Do It” planner below, but there’s plenty more to choose from in this shop.

“We Can Do It” Planner Cover, by CityGirlPlanners, on Etsy

Bright Box

Spreading happiness one box at a time is the motivation behind Bright Box. Their cards and boxes are designed to bring a smile to the recipient because they believe that everyone deserves to feel seen, recognized, and loved!

Start with a curated box like the Health Care Hero or Best Mom Ever collections.

Happiness is Homemade

Happiness is Homemade Shop has all kinds of goodies to brighten your day, such as calendars, stickers, printables, and fun DIY kits for every age. Don’t miss the page full of Dollar Deals.


Be Intentional with your Acts of Kindness – spread kindness like confetti, when that confetti comes from ZingConfetti. Hand out these kindness cards to random people you meet, or let people know how you feel with a message t-shirt.

The Best Online Shops With Products to Make You Happy, with Kindness Confetti in three jars, products that provide joy
Kindness Confetti, by Zing Confetti, on Etsy

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Final Thoughts on Can You Shop Online for Happiness? Products That Provide Joy

I felt a boost of positivity just curating this list!

The products available are wonderful for self-care and make fantastic gifts for friends, family members, teachers, and more.

It’s worth mentioning that the eleven shops listed here are just the beginning. Of course, I have my own CircleSquareOval shop now, and I’d love to share other shops as well.

If you have or know of a shop that promotes good vibes and sells products that provide joyt, please share in the comments below!

EDITED TO ADD: The CircleSquareOval shop is NOW OPEN! With a collection of printable products focused on self-confidence, positivity, and simple living, there’s something for everyone. Please visit my shop and take a look around!

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