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25 Quick and Easy Tips for A Better Summer Diet

Summer’s here! It’s time to let the light in! That goes for your home, wardrobe, activities, and your health! Here are 25 really easy ways to improve mealtimes, because a better summer diet leads to a healthier, happier you!

Try one tip or try them all – every step you take will set you toward a healthier body, happier mood, and more adventurous mind.

white bowl filled with salad greens and fruits.

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25 Tips for a Better Summer Diet

1. Add one more fresh fruit or vegetable to each meal.

Try fresh berries on your morning yogurt, a handful of sprouts on your lunch salad, and steamed asparagus with dinner. A little extra at each meal adds up!

2. Opt for lighter, refreshing salads Using seasonal produce.

A cold, crunchy salad on a hot day = happy eating. Use lots of different vegetables, and only the freshest, crispiest ones! Make your salad dressing for extra deliciousness. Homemade dressings beat the pants off the store-bought variety and dressings are so easy to make.

You can’t help but love salad served in this adorable bunny bowl!

3. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated in the heat.

I like to put a large pitcher of water on my counter first thing in the morning – my goal is to drink it all by bedtime. And living in Florida, I’ve learned that I don’t even make a quick trip to the corner store without a water bottle. Get in the habit of drinking lots of H2O. You’ll really feel a difference.

Take your water with you everywhere you go with this sleek water bottle.

4. Experiment with grilling or barbecuing lean meats and fish.

We just invested in a Blackstone griddle and I LOVE the ease of grilling outside! Plus, I’m not heating up the kitchen (and the rest of the house) by using the oven every night. Get recipes on Pinterest and you’ll never run out of ideas to make!

5. Replace sugary drinks with natural fruit-infused water or herbal teas.

It IS possible to break the soda habit. I simply stopped buying it a few years ago, and honestly, we barely noticed. Iced green tea has taken over at my home – it’s good for us, and the taste becomes addictive.

6. Choose whole-grain bread and pasta to Boost fiber and nutrients in Your Summer Diet.

More texture, a better “bite” – whole grain breads are delicious. Read the label to be sure you’re really getting whole grain – some names can be misleading. If you’re used to white rice, give brown rice a try. It’s nutty and flavorful.

7. Enjoy frozen treats made from real fruit and yogurt instead of high-calorie desserts.

Freezing brings out the sweetness of most fruits, so they become a satisfying treat all on their own. Plain frozen yogurt is refreshing and tangy, but watch for sugar content in any flavored yogurt. A great alternative – eat the best, most indulgent high-fat ice cream you can find, but in very small quantities!

8. Explore local farmers’ markets To Add fresh, organic produce to Your summer diet.

I love a good farmer’s market, and not just for the variety of fresh produce. I love chatting with the sellers, who are in many instances, the farmers. When I find something new, the farmer usually will share tips on how to cook it! Win!

Watermelon, fruit salad, and vegetables on wooden serving trays

9. Make homemade smoothies with nutritious ingredients like spinach and berries.

My secret is to buy a bag of fresh spinach and freeze it – the leaves remain loose so you can grab just what you need. Frozen spinach blends easily, too – no lumpy green smoothies this way. Two big handfuls spinach, 1/2 banana, a handful of frozen mixed fruit, and some liquid are the basis for my breakfast most days.

10. Plan meals around colorful, nutrient-rich ingredients for a balanced summer diet.

Sad beige meals should simply not happen. Make your plates colorful. Go for variety in color, texture, and taste for a well-rounded meal. How many colors of food can you put on one plate?

11. Opt for lighter cooking methods like steaming, sautéing, or grilling.

In addition to being healthier, these are all quick cooking methods. If you must fry, use an air fryer. Those in the know rave about them!

12. Once or twice a week, eat plant-based meals and experiment with vegetarian or vegan recipes.

Eating vegetarian is a lot easier than you think. Try pasta with marinara, a big salad, bean chili…the list is endless. Personally, I love veggies but I do NOT love veggies disguised to look like meat products. Experiment to see what makes your taste buds sing. Again, there are oodles of recipes on Pinterest!

13. Limit processed foods and opt for whole, natural ingredients.

Focus on products that don’t come in a package, like you’ll find in the produce department. A good way to cut back on processed foods is to buy only those that have less than 5 ingredients.

14. Reduce your portion sizes and practice mindful eating.

This tip is so easy! Eat all the foods you normally would, but trim down your serving sizes of the less healthy items. Shaving a few ounces here and there will save lots of calories in the long run. Still hungry? Fill up on soup or salad (or a big glass of water).

15. Experiment with making homemade salsas, chutneys, and sauces using fresh herbs and spices.

The flavors of the world are available to you, and can take a meal from ho-hum to fantastic! Most sauces are quick to make and store well, too. Three amazing sauces to try: chimichurri, zhoug sauce, and tomatillo salsa. Your mouth will say “wow!”

16. Enjoy seasonal fruits as snacks or dessert options.

Lightly toast angel food cake slices on the grill, top with whipped cream and fresh berries, and feel the bliss. Or make a fruit pie, tart, buckle, betty, brickle, or crisp. Use less sugar than the recipe calls for – you will never miss it!

3 photos of summer diets - grilled fish, fruit and greens salad, and a breakfast picnic

17. Incorporate healthy fats from sources like avocados, nuts, and olive oil into your summer diet.

Honestly, I’m always amazed at how a handful of nuts can fill me up, especially in the late afternoon. A splash of olive oil brightens every steamed veggie. Avocado is one of my primary food groups and can be used in so many ways.

18. Find new, healthy recipes that feature summer produce.

Watermelon feta salad, pasta salad loaded with vegetables, and anything (anything!) with grilled corn make me happy. Also, did you know most fruits taste amazing when lightly grilled or griddled? Trust me on this.

19. Plan and make meals ahead of time to ensure a balanced and nutritious diet.

There are just so many good resources out there now that focus on meal prep. I make most dinners in the morning when I have more time and energy, and just reheat them in the evening. And when we grill outside? We cook enough for the entire week – chicken, steaks, burgers, vegetables – everything goes from griddle to fridge to plate with next to no fuss.

These Rubbermaid Food Containers are in constant use in my kitchen. And these divided containers are in my cart for portable lunches!

20. Be mindful of added sugars in beverages and opt for water instead.

Experiment with your water. Some people want it icy cold, but I’ve found that I prefer it at room temperature. Add lemon, cucumber, or strawberries for a pop of flavor. Throw in a handful of mint. If you don’t love plain water, fancy it up a bit.

21. Include plenty of leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables in your Summer diet.

Make your breakfast smoothie with a big handful of greens and add frozen riced cauliflower. You won’t taste it, but you’ll get all that nutrition first thing in the morning. Have a big salad for one meal a day, and you’re packing in plenty of greens. Coat your pasta with broccoli pesto.

22. Once (or more) each week, choose seafood for your entree for lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Cod, salmon, shrimp, scallops, halibut (personal favorite!), grouper, trout, lobster, mussels…Honestly, I love them all. An added benefit of seafood is that it cooks quickly, so you’ll spend less time in a hot kitchen.

23. Experiment with making healthy popsicles using natural fruit juices.

Try a cute popsicle mold and opt for grown-up flavor combinations like pina colada or strawberry margarita. This book has some fantastic recipes!

24. Be mindful of alcohol consumption and opt for lighter, lower-calorie options.

Those frozen, sugary drinks may taste delicious, but they pack a bunch of non-nutritious calories. Vodka soda, white wine, and hard seltzers are lighter and less sugary. Or try a mocktail!

25. Seek out new, healthy cooking techniques and recipes to keep meals interesting and nutritious.

Rethink the kitchen as an experimental laboratory, and make like a mad scientist! Sure, you may have a few disasters, but you’ll probably have some big wins, as well! Who knows? That knew-to-you food or cuisine may turn out to be your new favorite!

See? It’s really easy to eat well, especially in the summer when all those fresh fruits and veggies surround you.

Which of these tips for a better summer diet will you try?

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white bowl filled with salad greens and fruits.
Watermelon, fruit salad, and vegetables on wooden serving trays
3 photos of summer diets - grilled fish, fruit and greens salad, and a breakfast picnic

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