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How to Use A Kindness Affirmation To Become More Compassionate

Do you consider yourself to be a kind person? I like to think that I am kind…and then I go and do something thoughtless or hurtful, and I have to stop and wonder. Am I really a kind person? So now I use this daily kindness affirmation to build my belief in my innate kindness. Because if I believe I am kind, I am more likely to behave in kind ways. Try it with me!

I suspect that I’m not alone in feeling like I’m not always kind. When I find myself doing something that does not feel kind, I try to remedy it in some way.

I do try to remember that mistakes are a part of the learning process and I can always improve.

The kindness affirmation that I am using to help build my belief in my own kind nature is super simple: I AM KIND.

Yep, it’s just 3 little words that are easy to remember and easy to understand.

An affirmation such as this is a way to internalize our thoughts and feelings and help change our beliefs and behaviors. It helps us improve in the ways that we seek to grow.

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Two sets of hands, one old and one young, holding each other and being kind

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What is an Affirmation?

Let’s start with a basic definition of an affirmation.

An affirmation is a simple sentence or phrase that is used to manifest a particular outcome.

In the example above, we use the affirmation “I am kind” in order to train our minds to behave in a way that corresponds to the statement.

In other words, by stating that we are kind, we can create a belief that we are, indeed, kind.

This in turn helps us to change our behavior to match this belief.

And that is the beauty of using affirmations.

We have the ability to change our beliefs about ourselves, and as a result, we can change our behavior.

What’s the easiest way to Use an Affirmation?

The easiest way to use an affirmation is simply by repeating it.

Ideally, you will want to repeat it, out loud, at least ten times in a row.

More complex affirmations (those you aren’t quite convinced are accurate for you) may take additional repetitions. But for a simple “I am kind”, ten times should be an excellent start.

For increased impact, speak your affirmation out loud into the mirror.

As you gaze at your own image, picture that person you see as a truly kind person. Believe that is who you are.

What are some Additional Ways to Use Affirmations?

Repeating an affirmation ten times in a row is a good start.

But there are many other ways to use an affirmation that will help you more deeply internalize it.

Here are some Effective ways to use affirmations:

  • Try saying the affirmation every hour, on the hour, for a day. Set a timer on your watch or phone.
  • Write it on a sticky note and place it on your computer, bathroom mirror, on a door at eye level, or anywhere you will see it regularly. Read and speak it every time you notice the sticky note.
  • Meditate on what exactly the affirmation means to you. How can you make it an integral part of who you are? What does that look like in daily practice?
  • Write the affirmation down over and over in a notebook or journal.
  • Write it on a card and place it in a pocket. Each time you place your hand in that pocket, you’ll be reminded of the card, and the words on it. Take a few seconds to think about the affirmation.
  • Choose 3-5 ways you will act out your affirmation throughout the day. Then, do them.
  • Jot notes in a journal each time you behave in a way that matches your affirmation. See how many times you can act in accordance with it. Read your list over before you go to bed.
womans finger holding red paper heart, representing affirmation i am kind, kindness affirmation

How do you Choose an Affirmation?

Although there are hundreds – thousands, really – of affirmations that we can benefit from, it’s important not to overwhelm ourselves.

You can’t do them all at once, or none of them will stick.

Stick with one affirmation per day.

Choose an affirmation that helps solve a problem, grows gratitude, creates joy, or strengthens your belief in yourself. In other words – pick an affirmation that suits your needs at the time!

Once you’ve seen how effective that first affirmation can be, you’ll have a stronger belief in their effectiveness and will continue to find affirmations that fit your needs.

Some you may need to keep front and center for several days to really let them sink into your soul.

“I expect to pass through life but once. If therefore, there be any kindness I can show, or any good thing I can do to any fellow being, let me do it now, and not defer or neglect it, as I shall not pass this way again.”

William Penn

A Simple Daily Kindness Affirmation: I Am Kind.

Now that you have a better understanding of what affirmations are and how they work, let’s dive a little more into our simple daily affirmation:

I Am Kind.

There’s an expanded version of this affirmation below, to flesh out just what is meant by these three little words.

I recommend reading through this entire affirmation.

Take time to really contemplate the meaning of the words.

You may even want to print the full affirmation out so that you can recite the full version throughout your day, rather than just the short, three-word version.

Choose what works best for you.

womans hands in white sweater holding red clay heart, kindness affirmation

Here is the Complete Kindness affirmation:

I Am Kind.

I recognize that kindness is a vital part of who I am as an individual.

In every moment of every day, I choose to behave in a way that is kind, generous, and loving.

I choose to direct kindness outward into the world and share it with others.

At the same time, I choose to direct kindness inward to myself.

In all ways, I choose kindness as my modus operandi.

I think kind thoughts.

I am aware when unconscious and negative thought patterns bubble up to the surface. Rather than simply dismiss those thoughts, I take time to understand them and dig deeper to find their origin.

Once I find their origin, and I feel good about releasing them, I replace them with kind thoughts. I adjust my beliefs accordingly.

I forgive myself and others for unkind actions.

Now, I choose to repair and replace unkindness with kindness.

I am kind to myself.

Through purposeful observation, I notice where in my life I could be more kind.

I notice what kindness feels like in my heart and I replicate that feeling of kindness throughout the cells of my body. The whole of my body responds as I embrace this feeling.

I am kind in my thoughts, words, and behavior as I direct them toward myself.

I am kind to others.

As I smile and make eye contact with others, I am aware that it comes from a place of compassion and acceptance.

I recognize that a kind word or gesture can change someone’s life in ways I cannot predict.

Therefore, I share kindness freely, and generously.

I seek out ways to show a little more kindness to my family, friends, co-workers, and even people I encounter only briefly, such as clerks at the grocery store or the barista who makes my morning coffee.

I know it doesn’t take much to be kind.

It is doable. I can be kinder to myself and others and I can choose to increase my level of kindness in all my dealings, today and each day of the future.

The world becomes a better place due to my kindness.

Kindness is my choice.

I am kind.

“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference.”

Helen James

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Final Thoughts On How to Use A Kindness Affirmation To Become More Compassionate

What is your experience with affirmations?

Do you use them often, and have you found them to make an impact on your life? Or are they a new concept for you?

Either way, I hope you will consider working with this particular affirmation because its power lies in its simplicity.

And, after all, we can certainly use more kindness in this world. The benefits are immeasurable.


Two sets of hands, one old and one young, holding each other and being kind, kindness affirmation
woman's hand holding red paper heart cutout, representing kindness, kindness affirmation
woman's hand holding red paper heart cutout, representing kindness, kindness affirmation

2 thoughts on “How to Use A Kindness Affirmation To Become More Compassionate”

  1. I am so thankful for this post and the opportunity to say thank you for writing this message because I have been so unkind to people that I dont even know. I have even said unkind things to people well just any thing that I thought was not right I just said unkind things about it. Who appointed me to be the judge and jury of anyone. I am thankful because I will use these affirmations to be the kind person that I have been longing to be. To be the me that I want to be. The real me is not a mean person she is jovial and kind and loving

    1. Thank you for your kind comments, Gizelle. Clearly, this post was what you needed in this moment, and I am glad for the positive changes you feel inspired to make. You can and WILL succeed!

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