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How to Build Gratitude With a Daily Affirmation

Affirmations are powerful, and today’s gratitude affirmation is designed to build thankfulness into your life every day.

How does it feel when someone says, “Thank you” to you?

Personally, I think it feels pretty great, especially when I know it’s sincere.

It feels just as good to express my thanks to others when they have done something kind for me.

I like people to know just how much they are appreciated.

But again, sincerity is key. Pretending to be appreciative, when you’re actually feeling angry, jealous, or guilty inside, only suppresses your true feelings. In fact, it can lead you in a negative direction, known as guilty gratitude. And that doesn’t benefit anyone.

But sincere appreciation? Bring it on.

And that’s the basis for this simple daily affirmation, “I express my thanks to others.”

It helps keep me in the habit of thanking people at every opportunity.

One of the wonders of affirmations is the way they can build good habits.

Affirmations are powerful.

An affirmation such as the one below is a way to internalize our thoughts and feelings and help change our beliefs and behaviors.

It helps us improve in the ways that we seek to grow.

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gratitude journal, coffee, and flowers, daily gratitude affirmation

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What is an Affirmation?

Let’s start with a basic definition of an affirmation.

An affirmation is a simple sentence or phrase that is used to manifest a particular outcome.

In the example for today, we use the affirmation “I express my thanks to other people” in order to train our minds to behave in a way that corresponds to the statement.

In other words, by stating that we are someone who routinely expresses appreciation, we can create a belief that we will consciously say thank you to others when the occasion arises.

Building the belief, in turn, helps us to change our behavior to match this belief.

“I Express My Thanks To Others.”

I am someone who expresses my thanks to others.

My life is full of blessings. As I think of those close to me, I am thankful for the wonderful feelings and memories I have shared with them.

I thank them for all that they have done for me, given me, and meant to me.

I thank them for sharing themselves with me.

I thank them for making me a better, stronger, more complete person.

I thank my family members. I thank my neighbors. I thank my friends.

I thank people whose names I may not even know, but who have assisted me or enriched my life in some way.

The grocery checkout clerk.

The coffee barista.

The waitress.

The person who picked up my hat from the ground and returned it to me, when I hadn’t even noticed it slip out of my pocket.

I thank others for kindness large and small.

It is important for me to express my gratitude to others for these kindnesses.

Because I feel this gratitude, I let others know how much I appreciate them.

I recognize how lucky I am to have such wonderful human beings in my life.

I show appreciation in many ways.

Sometimes I simply say the words, “thank you”.

Sometimes, I say “thanks” in an e-mail or text.

Other times, I make a phone call or personal visit.

At times, I thank others by giving them a small gift or inviting them to lunch.

There are so many ways I can say “thank you”.

Expressing my appreciation brings me joy.

It also makes other people feel good, and knowing that I can create good feelings is important to me.

Today, I will consciously express my thanks to others. They deserve this recognition and the good feelings it will bring them.

I will let them know how thankful I am for their presence in my life.

text of daily gratitude affirmation

How to Speak An Affirmation

The easiest way to use an affirmation is simply by repeating it.

Ideally, you will want to repeat it, out loud, at least ten times in a row.

More complex affirmations (those you aren’t quite convinced are accurate for you) may take additional repetitions. But ten times is a good start for a basic affirmation.

For increased impact, speak your affirmation out loud into the mirror.

As you gaze at your own image, visualize that person you see as someone who consistently expresses appreciation. Believe that is who you are.

More Ways to Use Affirmations

Other Ways to Speak Affirmations

Repeating an affirmation ten times in a row is a good start.

But there are many other ways to use an affirmation that will help you more deeply internalize it.

Try saying it every hour, on the hour, for an entire day. Set a timer on your watch or phone.

Add additional language to help support the affirmation statement.

Sing the affirmation.

Ways to Write An Affirmation

Write the affirmation down over and over in a notebook or journal.

Write it on a sticky note and place it on your computer, bathroom mirror, on a door at eye level, or anywhere you will see it regularly.

Jot notes in a journal each time you behave in a way that matches your affirmation. This is an excellent way to ensure that you are practicing your chosen way of being, and not just reading the words.

Write it on a card and place it in a pocket. Each time you place your hand in that pocket, you’ll be reminded of the card, and the words on it.

Act on Your Affirmations

Meditate on what exactly the affirmation means to you. How can you make it an integral part of who you are? What does that look like in daily practice?

Determine 3-5 ways you will act out your affirmation throughout the day.

woman's hand over heart, reciting daily gratitude affirmation

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Do I think it is important to show my appreciation when others do something for me? Why or why not?
  2. How do I currently demonstrate my appreciation toward others?
  3. What are some additional ways I can show others that I appreciate them?

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Final Thoughts on How to Build Gratitude With a Daily Affirmation

What is your experience with affirmations? Do you use them often, and have you found them to make an impact on your life?

Or are they a new concept for you?

Expressing your appreciation to others is such a simple way of being kind.

We should all strive to find reasons to thank others more often.

This daily affirmation can help remind you to express your thankfulness daily.

woman's hand over heart, reciting daily gratitude affirmation
text of daily gratitude affirmation
gratitude journal, coffee, and flowers, daily gratitude affirmation

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