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a Positive Affirmation That Will Add Meaning to Your Life

Affirmations are powerful. An affirmation helps us internalize our thoughts and feelings and help change our beliefs and behaviors. It helps us improve in the ways that we seek to grow. Use this affirmation for a meaningful life every day to see your vital place in this world.

Affirmations allow us to acknowledge our personal responsibility to ourselves.

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What is an Affirmation?

The definition of an affirmation is actually quite simple.

An affirmation is a simple sentence or phrase that is used to manifest a particular outcome.

In the example for today, we use the affirmation “I shape my life” in order to train our minds to behave in a way that corresponds to the statement.

In other words, by stating that we are someone who shapes their life, we can create a belief that we have control of our lives, and that we determine our own direction as we go through life.

An affirmation is a self-empowering statement.

This in turn helps us to match our behavior to this belief.

How Can We Use Affirmations?

The easiest way to use an affirmation is simply by repeating it.

Ideally, you will want to repeat it, out loud, at least ten times in a row.

More complex affirmations (those you aren’t quite convinced are accurate for you) may take additional repetitions. But for a simple “I shape my life”, repeat it ten times as a start.

For increased impact, speak your affirmation out loud as you face into the mirror.

As you gaze at your own image, visualize that person you see as someone who takes responsibility for their own path in life.

Be confident in your belief that is who you are.

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Additional Ways to Use Affirmations

Spoken Affirmations

Repeating an affirmation ten times in a row is a good start.

But there are many other ways to use an affirmation that will help you more deeply internalize it.

Try saying your affirmation every hour, on the hour, for an entire day. Set a timer on your watch or phone.

Written Affirmations

Write the affirmation down over and over in a notebook or journal.

Write it on a sticky note and place it on your computer, bathroom mirror, on a door at eye level, or anywhere you will see it regularly.

Jot notes in a journal each time you behave in a way that matches your affirmation. This is an excellent way to ensure that you are practicing your chosen way of being, and not just reading the words.

Write it on a card and place it in a pocket. Each time you place your hand in that pocket, you’ll be reminded of the card, and the words on it.

Experiment with affirmation cards

Active Affirmations

Meditate on what exactly the affirmation means to you. How can you make it an integral part of who you are? What does that look like in daily practice?

Determine 3-5 ways you will act out your affirmation throughout the day.

“You are essentially who you create yourself to be and all that occurs in your life is the result of your own making.”

Stephen Richards

If you wish to expand your affirmation, here is some supporting wording you may wish to read, write, and recite:

An Affirmation for a meaningful life

I shape my life.

I choose my own path.

I know the direction I want to travel, and I am in charge of both my journey and my destination.

My choices determine my experiences.

I clarify my purpose.

I think about my values and priorities.

I know what I want out of life.

My direction is clear. I know that each individual is responsible for their own destiny. Our paths may cross at times, or run parallel.

I support the journey that others take, but I don’t allow their travels to disrupt or alter my own journey.

I set compelling goals for myself. I give myself something to strive for.

I create short- and long-term objectives using SMART goals, and I give them specific timelines. I evaluate my progress regularly. I work hard. I put forth the consistent effort needed to turn my goals into reality.

I manage my time wisely. I use a digital calendar or a paper notebook to stay on top of my activities and commitments. I focus my resources on essential tasks.

I leave plenty of room for play and relaxation, knowing these are valuable activities that benefit my life.

I keep moving forward. I break big projects down into smaller steps. I find a starting point and take action.

I follow daily routines that make me healthier and happier.

I appreciate the value of learning from experience.

I take risks.

I push myself out of my comfort zone.

I focus on what I have to gain. I persevere through obstacles and setbacks. I give myself credit for trying. I pick myself up when I fall. I am confident and resilient. “Failure” is just a learning opportunity.

I take care of my health and well-being. A nutritious diet gives me energy for my busy schedule. Restful sleep and regular exercise keep me strong and fit.

I surround myself with love and support.

I ask my family and friends for help when I need it. We share practical assistance and words of encouragement. I accomplish more when I team up with others.

There is value in the person I am because I am the only “me” in existence.

I am responsible for living my best life.

I shape my life with confidence, strength, and love.

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Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Is it difficult to choose, and stay on my own path? Why or why not?
  2. What can I change today that will make me feel more empowered to shape my own life?
  3. How do you feel about the quote above, stating that “your life is the result of your own making”?

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Final Thoughts on a Daily Affirmation For a Meaningful Life

What is your experience with affirmations Do you use them often, and have you found them to make an impact on your life? Or are they a new concept for you?

Take some time to contemplate the meaning of “I shape my life” as it applies to you.

Do you feel you are in charge, or does fate or something else determine who you are and the life you lead?

Do you love your life?

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