How to Deep Clean a Coffee Maker

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What kind of coffee maker do you use? More and more people are upgrading to a french press or pour-over style these days. When we were in Italy, I fell in love with the Moka Pot, and I used it every morning. Back at home, however, we are still using our good old drip coffee maker. I took a good look at it this morning and realized it was time to deep clean that coffee maker!

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Why Deep Clean a Coffee Maker?

Everyone who has used a drip coffee maker knows that you are supposed to clean it once a month by running a vinegar/water mix through it. I don’t disagree – that is the best way to clean it, particularly all the little tubes that you don’t see, but you know are filled with particles left from the water or coffee.

Sometimes the coffee pot needs a true deep cleaning, however. A vinegar rinse just is not enough. That’s what I realized this morning when I looked at my machine. There was coffee crud everywhere – it was kind of embarrassing, to be honest.

A grimy coffee pot doesn’t just look sad – it really does influence the way the coffee tastes. So if you want better coffee, clean your coffee pot.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker

We created a coffee station upstairs in our bedroom (more on that in my next post!), but in order to deep clean, I brought it down to the kitchen where I have a nice roomy sink to work in.

I started on the cleanest parts, the outside. Using a kitchen cloth and my beloved Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Dish Soap in the lovely Acorn Spice Scent (because if you have to scrub, it ought to smell good!), I scrubbed every inch of that machine. I even got a small scrub brush to go around the buttons, because they get touched constantly – hello, germs!

NOTE: I did NOT submerge the coffee maker! Danger, danger! Do not do this! In fact, when I had the maker sitting in the sink, I made sure the electric cord was dangling over the front of the sink so that it would not even get dripped on.

After I was satisfied that the outside was clean – which didn’t take long at all – I moved to the messier areas. I scrubbed out the water tank, coffee ground cup, and every other little area I could find. Then I moved on to the carafe, lid, and removable grounds cup. These all took a good scrubbing.

A morning without coffee is like sleep.
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deep clean that coffee pot

“The smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the world’s greatest inventions.”
Hugh Jackman

Make a Pot of Vinegar to Clean the Tubes

Only after everything was cleaned and dried, did I load the carafe with vinegar and water (I do about half and half). I ran two cycles, to ensure that the tubes were clean and to remove any remaining residue from my scrubbing.

PRACTICAL TIP: This is the perfect time to dump some baking soda in your sink drain. Pour the hot vinegar/water combination over the baking soda, and you will sanitize your drain at the same time as you clean the coffee pot. Same effort, double the results.

After running the coffee maker on two pots of vinegar and water, I ran it on one pot of plain water, to rinse any traces of vinegar away.

After everything had a chance to cool off, I brought all of the parts back upstairs. My coffee station is ready to go for tomorrow, and I am looking forward to a great cup of coffee!

coffee station

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deep clean that coffee pot

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