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85 Emotional Self-care Activities That Will Make You Feel Amazing

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, you must prioritize your emotional well-being. In this blog post, we’ll explore 85 emotional self-care activities designed to nurture and support your emotional well-being.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t always prioritized my own emotional self-care. I always thought I was “too busy” or “doing just fine”. I had to learn to put myself first over many years, and that included my emotional well-being. But, as they say – hindsight is everything!

Now, I love to try different emotional self-care activities. I haven’t yet completed the long list below, but I am working my way through each of these activities. I hope you’ll give these ideas a try, too!

If you haven’t been as good to yourself lately as you should, then your emotional self-care could probably use a boost.

woman in red lying in meadow, emotional self-care activities

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Why Should You Do Emotional Self-Care Activities?

Relaxation techniques, mindfulness practices, or creative outlets – there are a wealth of activities to help you cultivate greater emotional resilience and inner peace.

Emotional self-care is an essential component of overall well-being. From simple daily practices to more immersive activities, these ideas can help you manage stress, improve mood, and foster a deeper connection with yourself.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner of self-care or just starting your journey, these suggestions offer something for everyone, empowering you to prioritize your emotional well-being and discover activities that resonate with your unique needs and preferences.

Emotional self-care can be transformative.

By building these practices into your daily routine, you can cultivate a greater sense of self-awareness, compassion, and emotional balance. Make this list your go-to resource for unlocking the potential of emotional self-care and embracing a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

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85 Emotional Self-Care Activities

  1. Write in a journal for a few minutes each day

2. Recite a daily positive affirmation

3. Create an affirmation jar and choose one each day for a month

4. Practice long, slow, deep breathing techniques

5. Practice mindfulness

6. Sit in absolute stillness for 2 minutes each day

7. Read books on emotional awareness

8. Talk to a trusted person about your feelings

9. Learn to recognize and label your emotions, both good and bad

10. Understand the physical impact of your emotions

11. Express gratitude every chance you get

12. Take a slow walk in nature

13. Learn about and practice grounding

14. Try cold-water immersion

15. Sit in a salt chamber for some halotherapy

16. Get a head massage

17. Learn about emotional intelligence

18. Limit exposure to news and current events

19. Do a digital detox for a day or a week

20. Cut out sugar and caffeine from your diet for a while

21. Use a meditation app such as Headspace or Calm

22. Stretch your muscles every morning and evening

23. Sit outside and breathe fresh air

24. Take a walk or bike ride

25. Spend time near moving water, such as at the beach or a waterfall

26. Laugh out loud -as loud as you can!

27. Listen to uplifting or soothing music (whichever you feel you need)

28. Learn to say no – especially when you are feeling overwhelmed

29. Learn to say yes – especially when it takes you out of your comfort zone

30. Set healthy boundaries with family members and others

31. Dance, dance, dance – even if you’re all alone – crank the music up

32. Forgive yourself for a past mistake, and then let it go

33. Every evening, write down one good thing that happened that day

34. Make a list of all the things you love about your current life

35. Adopt a pet or buy a plant – find something to nurture

36. Set aside some quiet time to do nothing “planned”

37. Read a favorite book from your childhood

38. Volunteer to spend time with young children

39. Reach out to a long-lost friend

40. Plan a fantasy vacation

41. Plan a real vacation

42. Wander through a botanical garden

43. Go stargazing on a clear night to see the size of the universe

44. Drink a soothing cup of hot tea

45. Light a candle in a fragrance you love

46. Smudge your home using white sage or palo santo

47. Hand-write a letter

48. Play a board game from your childhood

49. Buy yourself a bouquet of colorful flowers

50. Take a long bubble bath

51. Mail someone a postcard

52. Spend a day at home in your pajamas with no plans

53. Order your favorite take-out meal

54. Take an afternoon nap

55. Set a new goal, and then make an action plan to achieve it

56. Listen to an uplifting podcast

57. Read up on the science behind happiness and optimism

58. Try tai chi or yoga – either in a class or watching on YouTube

59. Buy yourself one clothing item that you feel really good wearing

60. Get a pedicure with a bright-colored polish

61. Meet a friend you haven’t seen in a while for coffee

62. Look at photographs from your past

63. Toss your expired makeup and replace it with quality products

64. Buy a shower gel in a fragrance you love

65. Learn to identify the difference between being angry and sad

66. Spend an hour or so coloring in an adult coloring book

67. Fill a blank page with random drawings and doodles

68. Bring out the artist inside you by learning to draw Zentangles

69. Do something that makes your heart race – watch a scary movie or ride a rollercoaster, for example

70. Choose some favorite photos and frame them

71. Do something kind for someone else, just because

72. Try a new recipe

73. Stand naked in front of a mirror and describe your body in all positive terms

74. Place positive affirmations on post-it notes all around your home

75. Bounce on a mini-trampoline for a few minutes each day

76. Finish your daily shower with a blast of cold water

77. Eliminate screen time for two hours before you go to bed

78. Set aside five minutes of quiet time each morning

79. Schedule a series of massages or facials for the next few months

80. Participate in an Emotional self-care challenge

81. Forgive someone else for a past mistake

82. Create a “mood board” to visualize your feelings

83. Count to ten when you find yourself becoming emotionally overwhelmed

84. Sing along to the radio in your care (even if you are tone-deaf like me!)

85. Give yourself grace and understand that real change takes time

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Which of these emotional self-care activities will you try first? Which will become a part of your routines? Let me know in the comments!

woman in red lying in meadow, emotional self-care activities
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2 thoughts on “85 Emotional Self-care Activities That Will Make You Feel Amazing”

  1. What a great list. Some reminded me of things I haven’t done in way too long. Others gave me new ideas to explore. Zentangles, anyone? Thanks for sharing all these ideas, Lori!

    1. I’m glad you got some inspiration, Joan! And Zentangles – my sister-in-law is a master at them. She even teaches Zentangle courses and displays her work at a local studio! Intricate and beautiful – and what a way to stay present and in the moment. Thanks for reading!

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