Gift Guide: Little Luxuries for the Bath Lover

Gift Guide:  Little Luxuries for the Bath Lover

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Do you know anyone who really loves a good soak in the tub? I’ve created my very first gift guide just for the bath lover in your life!

Gifts for the Bathing Beauties Among Us

It’s hard to believe that we are only about two months away from Christmas! I’m starting to think about my shopping list – are you?

In this guide, I’ve curated items for the bath that would be enjoyed by many.

I was actually thinking of my mother-in-law as I put this together. She’s getting older, and her baths are not just opportunities to get clean, they also help take away her everyday aches and pains. Why not make her experience a little more relaxing and luxurious? She deserves to feel pampered!

Bath items also make great gifts for all the bath lovers in your life, including moms-to-be, young adults on their own for the first time, teachers, and even gift exchanges. Just tailor the items to the situation and your budget, and get ready for the smiles you will receive!

Fair Trade Products

I gathered these items all from one location, to make shopping and selection that much easier for you. I chose to focus on the Ten Thousand Villages” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”Ten Thousand Villages (opens in a new tab)”>Ten Thousand Villages shop because they have high-quality products, prices are excellent, and they will even gift wrap and ship to your recipient directly if you wish.

But most importantly, Ten Thousand Villages” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener” aria-label=”Ten Thousand Villages (opens in a new tab)”>Ten Thousand Villages is the largest 100% fair trade store in the U.S. How is this important? From the Ten Thousand Villages website, we get this clear explanation:

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Ten Thousand Villages is more than a store. We’re a global maker‑to‑market movement. We’re a way for you to shop with intention for ethically-sourced wares — and to share in the joy of connecting with makers in ten thousand villages.

As a pioneer of fair trade, we do business differently, putting people and planet first. That means you can trust that every handmade purchase you make from us directly impacts the life and community of its maker in a developing country.

Ten thousand villages

Honestly, giving a gift of fair trade makes any present that much more special!

Imagine collecting several of these items together in a beautiful basket or gift bag – or be even more creative and wrap them in a bath towel or blanket!

Gift Suggestions for the Bath Lover

Start with a beautiful, fragrant bar of soap. Something out of the ordinary, with either a unique scent or special characteristics such as an exfoliant or super-emollient ingredient.

Add a natural washcloth, pedicure item, or deeply relaxing lavender oil.

After-bath comfort can be offered in the form of a fragrant sachet, moisturizing shea butter, and a soothing warm neck wrap.

A soft, comfortable robe will pull all of these items together into one unforgettable gift collection.

There must be quite a few things a hot bath won't cure, but I don't know many of them.

sylvia plath

Personally, I'm leaning toward the flowering vines robe for my mother in law. She's always been an incredible flower gardener, so I think it suits her best!

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Gift Guide for the Bath Lover

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