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30 Journal Prompts for Mindfulness in the Holidays

Holiday Journal Prompts can cover a tremendous range of topics. Here are 30 prompts designed to build mindfulness during the holidays. They will help you evaluate your priorities and reflect on how you spend your time and energy.

Keeping a journal is an excellent way to view past experiences and find positive ways to improve on them. If your goal is to have a more organized, simpler, and more meaningful Holiday season, these questions are sure to inspire your critical thinking.

Take some time to answer each question – in any order you like – giving some real thought and detail to your answers. Always ask yourself “why” you came up with the answers you give.

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Why Should You Keep a Journal That Builds Mindfulness during the Holidays?

Journaling can be used to find answers to life’s difficult questions, to find peace with your past, to contemplate your future, and to express your deepest feelings and desires. 

But you can also use a journal to identify priorities in different areas of your life and to set goals for each of those areas.

Many people would like to simplify their Holiday season, to reduce stress and increase organization. Reflecting in writing on different aspects of the holidays will help you evaluate what is most important to you.

Perhaps you’ll see that you can eliminate an activity, or you haven’t been focused on areas of the season that are most meaningful to you.

How can you make change happen, this year?

Once you’ve begun responding to these prompts, use your journal to evaluate your purpose, create schedules, and document your experiences. You’ll gain some good insights that will have a real impact!

Be sure to include your thoughts and feelings as you answer each question. Your “why” is very important to understand your values and traditions, and what should change, eliminate, or remain as is.

simple Christmas tree in white room next to neat bookcase, representing journal prompts for Holiday simplicity and mindfulness during the holidays

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Why Should You Use Prompts for Your Holiday Simplicity Journal?

There are no “rules” when it comes to journaling, but prompts can be a helpful start.

As a motivational tool, it’s often helpful to have questions, or guided prompts, to help focus your thoughts and direct them inward.

The use of prompts, or direct questions, help to steer your writing in ways that give you personal insights you might not get otherwise. 

Focusing on a topic or question that is provided for you helps direct your thinking to a particular subject and allows you to look in directions you would not necessarily have explored.

Although each of these prompts is short, the answers they require will take some introspection on your part.

They will help you clarify your desires, and the reasons behind those desires. This is where growth – and positive change – occur!

The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.

Hans Hoffman

30 Journal Prompts for Mindfulness during the Holidays

1. What are your three major goals for this holiday season?

2. Describe your earliest holiday memory from childhood.

3. What holiday traditions are underrated?

4. What holiday traditions are overrated?

5. What do you hope will be different this holiday season?

6. What new holiday tradition do you want to start this year?

7. What are you trying to be more thankful for?

8. What are you manifesting this holiday season?

9. How soon do you begin preparing for the holidays?

10. How do you set your budget for holiday shopping? Do you stay within this budget?

11. When do you start your holiday shopping? Do you participate in Black Friday shopping?

12. Do you send out holiday pictures and cards?

13. When do you begin decorating for the holidays – and when do you finish?

14. What are your favorite types of decorations?

15. Are there holiday traditions you feel are outdated and should be left in the past?

16. What holiday festivities do you want to bring back?

17. Do you prefer to be the host or guest for Holiday events?

18. What are some things you are looking forward to with family?

19. Do you have any holiday traditions with your friends?

20. What are you putting on your bucket list for the holidays?

21. How do you contribute to your community during the holidays?

22. What example do you set to teach others about giving?

23. How will you focus on your physical health this holiday season?

24. How will you focus on your mental health this holiday season?

25. If you could receive any gift for Christmas, what would it be?

26. What was the best handmade gift you ever received?

27. What is the best handmade gift you made for someone else?

28. What is a gift you always wanted, but never received?

29. Do you have plans for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day?

30. How do you usually feel when the holidays are over?

holiday simplicity journal leads to relaxed christmas, with festive socks and cup of cocoa, mindfulness during the holidays

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Final Thoughts on 30 Journal Prompts for Mindfulness in the Holidays

Can you really simplify the Holidays through journal writing? Absolutely!

Your journal helps you look carefully and critically at how you use your time and energy during this busy season. Once you understand how your values and actions match up, you can take steps to positive change. Journalling also allows you to record your feelings and thoughts along the way.

A large part of creating simplicity comes from understanding your “why” – the reasons you do what you do. Journaling can help you find your “why”.

Grab a notebook and a pen, use these Holiday Simplicity journal prompts, and have the most wonderful Holiday season ever!


simple Christmas tree in white room next to neat bookcase, representing journal prompts for Holiday simplicity

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