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7 Easy and Nutritious Treats You Can Make for Your Dog

I love to make treats for my dogs. Today’s post is a collection of recipes for homemade dog treats. Are they easy? Yes! Are they better for your dog than store-bought? You betcha!

Do you make your own dog treats? It can be a wonderfully relaxing activity for you as well as an enjoyable treat for your pup!

Everyone knows that dogs love their snacks. What surprises a lot of people is just how easy it is to make homemade dog treats that our pups absolutely love!

In this post, I’ll share recipes for:

  1. Crunchy Sweet Potato Treats
  2. Spinach, Carrot and Zucchini Dog Treats
  3. 3-Ingredient Banana Oat Treats
  4. Easy No-Bake Dog Treats
  5. Frozen Dog Treats
  6. Chicken and Biscuit Dog Treats
  7. Peanut Butter Pupcakes

Now, how is making dog treats considered self-care? Because when you choose to do this as an activity, it’s recreational self-care. It benefits both you and your pet.

Read all about recreational self-care for women over 50
bowl filled with bone-shaped dog treats, recipes for homemade dog treats

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7 Easy and Nutritious Treats You Can Make for Your Dog

NOTE: Because every dog is unique, please consult your vet before introducing any new foods into his/her diet. 

1. Crunchy Sweet Potato Dog Treats

The treats I make most often for Ozzie are these Sweet Potato Dog Chews.

All I do is thinly slice a sweet potato or two and dehydrate them in the oven.



The hardest part is just checking them every now and again to make sure they dry nice and evenly. Occasional flipping helps.

These chews come out thin, crispy, crunchy, and (according to Ozzie) quite delicious.

I make these at least once every two weeks.

Did you know sweet potatoes are really healthy for dogs? As long as they are cooked, that is – never feed raw sweet potatoes to your dog.

2. Spinach, Carrot and Zucchini Dog Treats

Ozzie’s second favorite treats are these Spinach, Carrot and Zucchini Treats from They have lots of veggie goodness, plus eggs for protein.

I’ve thought about feeding them to my husband as cookies, but I guess the cute little bone shape would give it away as a dog snack.

These are also easy to make, even including rolling and cutting them with a cookie cutter.

3. 3-Ingredient Dog Treats

3-Ingredient Banana Oat Treats from go together in a flash – in about 1/2 hour, to be precise!

We always seem to have bananas, rolled oats, and peanut butter on hand, so I can make these any time (like I did this morning!!)

The riper the banana, the better, so if you have any that are too mushy for humans, this is a great way to use them up and cut down on food waste.

And again, that adorable bone shape just gets me!

“I see you have cheese. I, too, enjoy cheese.”

Every Dog Everywhere

4. Easy No-Bake Dog Treats

These are so quick to put together because there’s no baking involved!

No-Bake Treats from are filled with all sorts of good, organic ingredients plus bacon!

Everybody loves bacon, especially dogs!

These get rolled into a ball, which is also a big time-saver. I recommend you store these in the fridge or freezer (assuming they don’t get consumed immediately) because they are unbaked.

5. Frozen Dog Treats

Yes, I live in California, but no, it’s not always hot here. Common misconception!

I save these Blueberry Banana Frozen Treats from for the warmer weather and give them to Ozzie outside when he needs a little frosty fun.

Once again, they are quick to make (do you sense a theme here?). Simply puree 3 ingredients together and freeze them in individual servings.

6. Chicken and Biscuit Dog Treats

Were you wondering when I would share a dog treat recipe that actually has meat in it?

Because of his sensitivities, we try to really watch Ozzie’s protein intake, so his treats don’t often include animal products (except eggs).

When we do give him the occasional meaty snack, it’s these 4-Ingredient Chicken and Biscuits Treats from

7. Peanut Butter Pupcakes

These take just a bit more effort than the other treats on this list.

But they are so worth the little bit of extra time – they are adorable, in addition to being yummy.

This recipe for Peanut Butter Pupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting comes from


These are perfect for a pup birthday, adoption day, or anytime you just want to create something wonderful for your favorite dog!

HOT TIP: I like to use a mini-muffin pan for these. Even though Ozzie is a big dog, I prefer to give him smaller treats! Use containers that will make the best size treat for your dog.

Should You Make Homemade Dog Treats?

It may at first seem overindulgent to make treats for your dog. But, really, it’s good for them and a great way to show you care about their health and happiness.

In reality, it’s so much less expensive and healthier to make them instead of buying the overpriced, non-nutritive snacks you find in the pet store aisles.

Not convinced?

You will be when you follow the recipes for any of these easy and tasty homemade dog treats!

I regularly make all of the treats my boy, Ozzie, munches on. For one thing, he’s got a very sensitive stomach so I have to be super-careful about what he eats, even his treats.

I’ve also found that I can whip up a batch of treats with ingredients I mostly always have around the house.

HOT TIP: It’s usually faster to make dog treats at home, with common ingredients, than it is to run to the store and buy the boxed (and less healthy!) kind!

Eating Snacks is a Highlight of Your Dog’s Day

This morning, as Ozzie and I were heading out for our first walk of the day, we ran into a neighbor who was just returning home from walking her dog. She told me they had spotted a peacock wandering the streets!

It’s not every day in suburban California that you see a peacock, so off we trotted in the direction she pointed.

Well, unfortunately, even though we saw plenty of interesting things on our walk, the peacock was nowhere to be found.

I felt vaguely disappointed, but Ozzie honestly didn’t seem to care much. Just one more big bird (we regularly see geese, herons, gulls, crows) that he can’t catch.

What was Ozzie disappointed about?

No treats for his post-walk snack!

The “yummy snacks” canister was empty!

This was a major tragedy for him because he always gets a treat or two after his walk. Ozzie likes his life to be consistent, so he just did not understand when I said the treats were gone.

“If you think dogs can’t count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then give him only two of them.”

Phil Pastoret

Fortunately, I had all of the ingredients I needed on hand to whip up some new snacks pronto. And I can share with you that my dog loves me again.

What Makes a Dog Treat a Good Dog Treat?

I like to rotate between different recipes for treats.

They all have a few things in common, however:

  • Making the treats must be quick and easy.
  • They must use very few ingredients.
  • They’ve got to be healthy and easily digested, even for my pup with a sensitive stomach.
  • Most important, Ozzie has got to really, really love the taste of them.

If they aren’t absolutely delicious, are they even a treat?

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Final Thoughts on 7 Easy and Nutritious Treats You Can Make for Your Dog

I know there are a zillion brands of dog treats on the market.

Some of them are very high-quality, but some are not.

Most of them get to be very expensive, especially if you spoil your dog as much as we do!

Making your own dog treats is fun, easy, and much more cost-effective than buying them from a store.

They can be an especially good option if your dog has a sensitive stomach, allergies, or other medical concerns.

And although your pup may not help with the preparation, he is sure to show you his appreciation for your efforts with extra wags and slobbery kisses!

That’s what we love about dogs, right?


crazy-eyed collie dog excited for homemade dog treats
background pattern of bones and dog paw prints
brown bowl of delicious looking homemade dog treats

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  1. Since I am a new dog mom – I keep looking for ways to treat my little puppy who quickly became my new best friend (surprising me in the process, never thought I was a dog person) these banana peanut butter snacks sounds like a great way to do that – I am going to try theses since I always have ripe bananas at home. Thank you for sharing these Lori.

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