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How to Use Crystals to Enhance Your Meditation Practice

Meditation in midlife can look a little different for each of us. Once you’ve built a regular practice, why not try using crystals to add focus to your practice?

Meditating takes time and practice to master. I’ve been meditating consistently for a little over a year now, and I can certainly understand why it is considered a practice!

I am new to the use of crystals in meditation, and I have set out to learn more about how to incorporate them into my practice.

Specifically, I’m exploring ways women over 50 can benefit from crystals for meditation.

  • Crystals Can Help With Focus
  • They Can Be a Repository for Intentions
  • Different Crystals Offer Specific Benefits

The main goal of meditation is to clear your mind and simply be present

Thoughts will certainly come and go, but the idea is to take note of their existence and then release them. This helps lead to a quiet mind.

There are several techniques that can be used to help focus on being present instead of constantly being distracted by thoughts.

Breathwork is the most common method used to find focus in a meditation session.

Guided meditation allows the user to focus by listening to the words of the guide.

Reciting a mantra is another common technique for focus.

Crystals can also be an excellent way to assist in focusing the mind.

The use of crystals for focus has been used for thousands of years and is becoming very popular and commonplace once again.

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How to use crystals in your meditation practice.  A collection of colorful crystals - which ones are best for midlife women

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The Benefits of Using Crystals for Meditation

Crystals Can Help With Focus

Whether you have meditated for years or are an absolute beginner, the process is much the same.

Your goal is to release your thoughts and bring focus to your mind-body relationship.

Often, there is a specific intention of the meditation, such as stress relief, gratitude, or happiness.

But thoughts interfere.

This is a natural and normal occurrence in meditation.

The key is to find a way to release the thoughts and maintain focus on your intention.

By holding a crystal in your hand, you have a sensory aid to bring your focus back to your intention.

As your mind wanders, you bring your center of attention back to the crystal and release your thoughts. It’s like a reminder letting you know “This is where my attention should be right now”.

Beginners and experienced meditators can use crystals as a means to create focus.

Crystals Can Be a Repository for Intentions

Crystals can act as intention holders.

You can “send” your negative emotions into the crystal, releasing them from your mind and body.

For instance, if the focus of the meditation is to heal grief, that grief may be more easily released if you focus on sending it into the crystal. The crystal then acts as a witness to the meditation and a repository for that grief. This takes the responsibility off the individual to release grief on their own.

Having an object to focus the grief on helps release that grief more easily.

“The use of crystals in meditation practice can deepen your meditation, provide a focus object, and raise your consciousness and awareness of your higher self”

Carol Boote, Certified Meditation Leader
women over 50 benefit from crystals for meditation

Crystals Possess Unique Vibrations That Offer A Variety of Benefits

Due to the molecular makeup of each crystal, these objects give off vibrations that can be uniquely healing to a wide range of concerns.

Some of the general benefits you may experience from these vibrations include:

  • becoming more grounded
  • better balance
  • tension release
  • protection from negative energy
  • clarifying thought
  • stimulating focus
  • attracting positive energy
  • support natural healing

In addition, each crystal, due to its unique vibrations, provides a unique combination of benefits.

This allows the user to choose crystals that will be the most beneficial to their needs.

Multiple crystals can be combined to boost the preferred vibrational effect.

The Best Crystals for Meditation for Midlife Women

White Quartz

White quartz crystals are used in a wide variety of healing work. The energy they provide is very pure.

In meditation, white quartz is particularly good at clearing negative energy and absorbing positive energy.

Quartz is great for enhancing concentration, memory, and creativity.


Selenite creates a naturally calming vibration.

It also is uniquely protective, in that it keeps other people’s energy from affecting yours.

This protective barrier can be vital during conflicts, as it protects you from taking on the extreme emotions of another person and helps you stay clear of your own emotional needs.

women over 50 benefit from crystals for meditation

Blue Agate

Blue agate is a natural healing stone that helps to calm the mind and promotes feelings of relaxation.

Like the water that it resembles, blue agate can help relieve anxiety and depression and create a sense of serenity.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love and is said to draw away heartache, grief, and vulnerability, replacing them with compassion and inner peace. 

It’s calming and reassuring, improves self-esteem, and creates greater emotional understanding toward self and others.

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s Eye combines the energy of the earth and sun to bring good luck, prosperity, and success.

It also tackles issues of self-worth and self-criticism,  while unblocking creativity and helping achieve goals. 


The warm orange citrine is energizing and highly creative. 

It absorbs negative energy and raises self-esteem, self-expression, and confidence, while at the same time making one less sensitive to criticism.

On the healing front, it can help with menstrual issues and menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes and fatigue.


Known as the stone of new beginnings, moonstone helps to calm strong emotions, counter over-sensitivity, and promote a sense of self-worth. 


Turquoise is a stone of strength, power, and success.

It dispels negative energy, stabilizes mood swings, and brings inner calm, working against exhaustion, depression, or panic attacks.

Turquoise fills you with calm and peaceful feelings. It keeps you alert, open-minded, creative, and confident.

With Turquoise, you can enhance creative problem-solving, stabilize mood swings, reduce exhaustion, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, and get a boost of confidence.


Aquamarine is a stone of courage.

Its healing vibration calms fears sharpens the intellect, and clears confusion and disarray.

It encourages one to bring unfinished business to a conclusion.

This crystal encourages an upright, persistent, and dynamic personality.

Aquamarine promotes self-love, self-care, creativity, and inner vision. It eases tension and feelings of being overwhelmed with responsibilities.

women over 50 benefit from crystals for meditation

Affirmations to Use for Women Over 50 When Using Crystals For Meditation

Here are some sample affirmations you may want to use as you integrate crystals into your practice. They encourage a focus on the crystals, to help you adapt to this new method of meditation.

  • I am releasing negative thoughts to make space for stillness
  • I am comforted and protected while I meditate
  • As I hold this crystal, my mind releases negative and running thoughts
  • I am channeling stillness into my meditation
  • My thoughts are channeled into my crystal and so I can let go of all I need to
  • I am practicing stillness in my meditation and holding the intention to let go

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Final Thoughts on How to Use Crystals to Enhance Your Meditation Practice

We’ve seen the ways meditation can be beneficial for women over 50.

Adding the use of crystals to the meditation practice can improve the quality of meditation in several ways.

  • Crystals Can Help With Focus
  • They Can Be a Repository for Intentions
  • Different Crystals Offer Specific Benefits

Have you tried crystals in your meditation practice, and have you had success with them?

I am looking forward to adding a few to my daily practice, and I think I’ll start with aquamarine and moonstone. Courage for new beginnings? Sounds good to me!

And now we see – how can women over 50 benefit from crystals for meditation? In many, many ways!

assorted colored crystals for midlife women to use in meditation

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