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Creative Activities To Do When You’re Home Alone

Do you find yourself at loose ends on occasion, with “nothing to do”? Here are 9 great activities to occupy your time when you are at home. Not only will they relax your mind, but they will keep your brain sharp and boost your creativity, too!

It’s vitally important that we seek out positive, interesting ways to not just survive but to thrive in the face of free time. These nine activities will keep your brain sharp and your options varied. No more mindless scrolling through social media or staring at random tv shows!

When spending time alone, we need to take extra care of ourselves, not just physically, but emotionally and mentally, too. These activities will help in all three ways!

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Keeping an active mind has been vital to my survival, as has been maintaining a sense of humor.

Stephen Hawking

Keep your Brain Sharp With Solitary Activities

While an occasional day of couch surfing is understandable (and perfectly ok!), making a habit of it is neither appropriate nor healthy.  We need to find ways to challenge ourselves every day!

As our lives (maybe?) slow down with aging, we have more time to pursue interests that we may have set on the back burner for years. It’s time to reignite our interests and seek out hobbies and activities that will keep our brains sharp for years to come.

Fortunately, times have never been better to seek out mental challenges, particularly given that the vast majority of us have easy internet access. 

We also have a treasure trove of resources within our homes, things we have ignored or overlooked in the past. Let’s pay attention and use what we’ve got. 

I myself have at least a dozen books on the bookshelves upstairs that I have never even read!  They hadn’t been at the forefront of my priorities before, but now that my life has slowed down, I am looking forward to the opportunity to read them all.

What kinds of things can you do at home, on your own, to keep your mind stimulated and not fall into the black hole of tv syndication?

infographic with 8 ways to keep your mind active while reducing stress, keep your brain sharp

9 At-Home Activities to Boost Creativity and Keep Your Brain Sharp

1. Read Books

As I’ve already mentioned, reading is a fantastic way to keep your brain active. Plus, it has the added bonus of transporting you mentally to another world, far from your home. 

I tend to divide books into two categories – easy, fast reads (usually fiction – the kind of books you can pick up and put down over many days without losing your place or forgetting details), and more complex reads that require a bit more mental focus (non-fiction, historical novels, etc.)

Need some suggestions?

For an added incentive to do some reading, as you complete each book you read, decide – right then – if it’s something you will want to reread in the future.  If the answer is no, place that book in your donation box, not back on the shelf.

Now you are decluttering as you read!

woman reading large book, surrounded by stacks of other books, keep your brain sharp

2. Read Blogs

What are some topics that interest you, but you haven’t had time to really learn about it?

Perhaps this is the time you’d like to educate yourself on zero-waste living, capsule wardrobes, personal finance, square-foot gardening – you name it, there are blogs and online communities out there about your topic. 

Google the subject that interests you and the word “blog”, and see what comes up. You’ll not only learn about your topic, but you’ll make connections with new friends as well.

Or start with this list of my favorite Positivity Blogs. You’re sure to find them uplifting and inspiring!

3. Take an Online Course or Webinar has compiled a list of 60 free online courses for whatever you want to learn

Choose from over 100,000 online video courses at 

Or fulfill your dreams of becoming an Ivy Leaguer and take classes from Harvard University!

4. Visit a Museum (Virtually, of course)

Do you think you can’t go to museums, zoos, or cultural sites because everything has closed down?  Do a virtual tour! has a list of museums providing virtual tours.

CNNStyle goes a step farther to include all the virtual concerts, plays, museums and other cultural events you can enjoy from home. 

The online database offers professionally filmed Broadway and West End theater productions.

mindfulness products from etsy shop

5. Practice Yoga and Meditation

You may categorize yoga as exercise, but there is a very definite mental component to it, as well. 

Think you’re too old to start now? Here’s a collection of yoga videos specifically designed for women over 50! that will enable you to keep your practice going (or get started) and connect with a global community of like-minded people featuring daily all-level yoga practices, daily meditation, breathwork and tapping sessions.

6. Write in a Journal

Perhaps you are already a consistent journaler, or maybe you’ve just considered giving it a try. 

Now is a perfect time to write in a journal.  It’ll naturally improve your writing skills and give you the opportunity to express yourself emotionally. A journal is just for you – so use it however you wish.

woman's hands holding pen and writing in journal as she sits on a white pillow, keep your brain sharp

7. Experiment with a New Hobby, Craft, or Recipe

Learning something new is a wonderful way to stimulate your brain, and it is also proven to help alleviate depression. 

Is there a hobby or craft you’ve been meaning to try, but it hasn’t fit into your busy life? Explore your options on or, or get ideas from Pinterest. You can have everything you need delivered to your doorstep.

This fun macrame kit arrived at my house yesterday, and I am excited to learn a new skill set as well as add a new decor piece to my home.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein

8. Play Games and Do Puzzles

Crosswords, solitaire, Trivial Pursuit – absolutely anything involving games and puzzles will stimulate your brain. Many can be done solo, or you can engage family members for a fun way to pass the time.

My all-time favorite game that can be played solo OR as a group of any size is Bananagrams – I’m warning you, it’s addictive!

scrabble tiles spilling from yellow pouch, keep your brain sharp

9. Color

Stimulate the right side of your brain with a dose of creativity.  You can revert back to childhood fun by printing out some free coloring pages, grabbing crayons or colored pencils, and coloring.

It’s a relaxing activity that will also light your brain up. In fact, there are a surprising number of benefits adults get from coloring!

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As we age, our brains naturally shrink, which impacts memory and learning functions and increases our risk for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more in the excellent guide “How to Keep Your Mind Sharp” by

Final Thoughts on Keep Your Brain Sharp: Enjoyable Activities to Do When You’re Home Alone

By no means is this a complete list of mentally stimulating activities. I certainly hope it gives you some ideas of things you can do to keep your mind active during this unusual time we are experiencing.

If you have additional suggestions, please let me know in the comments!

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