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How to Make Positive Affirmations Work for You (Even if You’re a Little Unsure About Them)

Last Updated on May 22, 2023 by Lori

Have you wanted to use affirmations, but you don’t know how to get started? If you are new to using affirmations, it can be a bit confusing!

Most commonly, affirmations are spoken while looking at yourself in a mirror. But saying your affirmations to yourself this way can get old fast, and can be uncomfortable for many people who find it awkward to “talk to themselves”.

There are more creative ways of building your affirmation practice into your routine that work just as effectively.

affirmations on multi-colored post-it notes

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Start Your Journey Using Affirmations with One of These Methods:

Write Down Your Affirmations

Studies have shown that the physical act of writing enables your brain to remember things better and makes the message more tangible. Choose your favorite way of recording your own affirmations.

  • Write (don’t type) your affirmation ten times on a sheet of paper.
  • Keep a written journal.
  • Write your affirmations on post-it notes and leave them where they’re easy to see, on your fridge, bathroom mirror, and computer.
  • Set reminders on your smartphone or tablet with the text of each affirmation at different times of the day.
woman writing affirmations in journal

Make Affirmation-Themed Art

This might sound a little unusual, but it’s quite effective! Try your hand at making art that is themed around your affirmations. Use paint, collage, clay, or colored pencils, and let your Inner Child play with colors and shapes to interpret how your affirmations make you feel. Doodles, scribbles, and stick figures are all valid forms of art.

You don’t need to be artistic – just let your mind go, silence your inner critic, and see what you come up with as you express your interpretation of the affirmation.

Turn Your Affirmations into Music

Does music move you? Take a familiar or favorite tune and sing your affirmations instead of the regular lyrics. If you’re musical, maybe you can write a song that uses your affirmations. Make a rap song about your affirmations or create a dance routine to express what the affirmation means to you.

Create a Vision Board for Your Affirmations

Vision boards are powerful tools for setting out your goals. Affirmations can sometimes feel a little abstract. Using a vision board can help you come up with concrete images of what you want in your life.


Look for photos that inspire you and make you feel good. You can make a physical vision board or use an internet platform like Pinterest to collect images on the computer.

woman creating a vision board to represent affirmations

Use an Affirmations Jar

Write or type your affirmations onto long strips of paper. Roll them up and add them to a jar. Each day, choose one affirmation randomly from the jar and let it be your focus for the day. Carry it with you for the day and reread it as often as possible.

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Final Thoughts on How to Make Positive Affirmations Work for You (Even if You’re a Little Unsure About Them)

The beauty of affirmations – aside from the fact that they work – is that there is no real right or wrong way to use them. Try different methods and see what feels best to you. Be open to new ways of expression, as well.

Most importantly, don’t give up your wonderful journey into the world of affirmations.

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