Organize Your Home Without All the Stress

Organize Your Home Without All the Stress

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Three Levels of Organizing Lead to Your Perfect Home

With all the incredible homes we see on tv, in magazines, and online, it’s easy to feel like our own home needs to measure up. Most of us are not professional organizers and decorators, so this can be quite a daunting task! We feel we must be doing all.the.things. because we think we are “supposed to”, but friends, that is just not true! Let’s face it, one-size-fits-all is fine for socks and scarves, but not for home projects. Instead, try to focus on different levels of organizing, and take your time with each. This is how you will create the ideal home for you and your family.

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The First Level of Organizing

Maybe you have little people dictating your daily schedule, or you are caring for elderly parents, or your job is just super demanding.  Maybe you have limited mobility, or you just aren’t that interested in spending a ton of time on your home. 

Maybe you’d just rather go hiking. 

Whatever reason (and they are all valid!  NO GUILT HERE!), you have projects you’d like to accomplish, but they are not top of the line priorities for you.  Listen up – that is absolutely OK. 

Just focus your actions on bringing your your home up just a little, with the easiest, quickest projects that still give you a sense of accomplishment and that make a difference to you. 

Examples of basic actions would be organizing the kitchen utensils, cleaning out your sock drawer, or decorating your mantle to reflect the changing seasons.  Small steps, big impact on you. Just make sure the steps you take are the ones you care about. If it really doesn’t matter to you if your teenager’s bed is made, don’t sweat it! Maybe you do really care about having a storage system for your water bottles, so go for that, instead.

A home at the most basic level of organizing can be your ideal home, if that is what works best for you.

levels of organizing: towels folded in linen closet
Not a lot of work, but big impact!

The Second Level of Organizing

Full-size projects will require more effort.  But they are totally doable.  Again, pick and choose according to your needs. Clean and organize the fridge.  Overhaul your cleaning products to make them eco-friendly.  Choose a new paint color for the living room. 

Whatever you are looking to accomplish, choose one project at a time, and focus on that one thing until it’s complete.  Ten partial projects are more stressful than one complete and nine planned-for. Just trust me on this.

Your ideal home may be one that has a combination of basic level and full projects completed.

clean, organized garage
You can fit a second car in this clean garage

The Third Level of Organizing

Truth be told, there are some organizing projects that even intimidate me, a life-long home decorator and organizer! I don’t hesitate to rearrange furniture, paint walls, or get into a full-house renovation. But I still haven’t loaded all my old photos onto the cloud! I find technology challenging, and tend to avoid projects that require techno-capabilities.

Maybe you feel the same. Whatever it is that gives you the greatest sense of overwhelm, that’s your area of advanced level organization. If this is what feels best to you, you can get there. Be patient with yourself.

levels of organizing:  dream kitchen
Brand New Kitchen Reno

How Can Using Three Levels of Organizing Help You Create Your Ideal Home?

I developed this three-level system because I felt like so many other popular organizers stressed an all or nothing approach, which sounds great (and is something I totally would jump into), but  not everyone responds well to this type of approach.  In fact, I have friends who would run screaming out the front door if we tried to attack their entire wardrobe in one fell swoop.  CircleSquareOval tries to meet each individual where you live, and not ask you to do more than you can or choose to do. 

It all leads up to your best home – giving you comfort, beauty, and order in a way that works for you. That’s CircleSquareOval!

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Want to be more productive? Get 5 FREE weekly and monthly printable planners HERE.

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clean white kitchen with barstools
clean white kitchen with barstools

19 thoughts on “Organize Your Home Without All the Stress”

  • I also find it easier to break large projects down. I’m good at finishing what I start but I have several friends who get sidetracked and they say it bugs them not to complete what they start. Good information here.

    • Thanks, Jeanne,. I agree, it really depends on the individual. I love big projects! My husband HATES them! We all have to work at our individual levels. Thanks for reading!

  • Thank you for breaking down the projects into categories! I have a running list of projects that need to be tackled in an organized manner.

    • Thank you, Deb. It’s a shift in mindset from the Superwoman Does It All idea, but it’s a lot more realistic, I think! We all need a little grace. thanks for reading!

  • I’m just the opposite. I have been working on organizing my photographs and genealogy documents for the past several years. (OK it’s truly a never ending job.) But staying on top of my house and all the chores associated with it is a challenge that overwhelms me. Talk about never ending jobs! Thanks for helping to keep things in perspective. I agree that small steps and small projects are the backbone of keeping it altogether, Now I need to tackle it all again. 🙂 Great post!

    • Hi Melody! Well, now when I get to the point of organizing my photos – I know who to contact!! Yes, these household things are never ending and often seem thankless. We just need to give ourselves grace, and credit for what does get accomplished. Thanks for reading!

  • Yes, the all or nothing approach does not work for me. I am working on decluttering and exercising and use the something is better than nothing approach. I just do bits and pieces everyday!

  • This made me really think about which of my projects really are priority for me. Thanks. Sometimes I feel obligated to do things that I honestly don’t care about.

    • Exactly! Everyone loves to hear about the all-or-nothing approaches (aka Marie Kondo), but I think they can be hard to implement in real life. I’d rather see people make small, consistent change at a rate that is comfortable, because then they can build on those small successes without the overwhelm. Thanks for reading!

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