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Things I’m Enjoying in February 2022

Last Updated on June 7, 2023 by Lori

Another month has come to an end, and it’s time for me to collect a list of my monthly favorites for February 2022. I feel like I just did this for January – that’s the result of this being a short month, I suppose!

My Monthly Favorites for February 2022

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1. InstaPot Yogurt Recipe

I could eat yogurt for breakfast just about every day of my life. I like plain, UNflavored (unsugar-laden), Greek yogurt. Obviously, I go through a lot of it, and like everything else in the world these days, Greek yogurt is expensive!!

Fortunately, I came across this fabulous, nearly fool-proof (I’ll explain that in a minute!) recipe from theKitchn that makes excellent yogurt, right in the InstaPot.

There are only two ingredients required – milk (I use whole milk) and about 1/4 cup of already-made yogurt. Usually, when I make this recipe, I set aside this amount in a separate container, so I know that I have it on hand when I’m ready to make a new batch.

You’ll notice if you read through the recipe that it takes about 8 hours start-to-finish, but trust me, the hands-on portion is truly minimal.

What makes it almost fool-proof?

As long as you follow the instructions precisely, you will be fine. One point of those instructions? Check the temperature of the milk after the first heating! I skipped over that once, and my yogurt didn’t solidify. Next time around, I made sure to check the temperature, and it turns out my InstPot didn’t get the milk up to the minimum temperature it needed to be! Easy correction, and now my yogurt is perfect every time!

FYI, I like my yogurt best with fresh berries and a sprinkle of granola.


2. Earth Breeze Eco-Friendly Laundry Sheets

I wrote an entire post about just how much I love these laundry sheets, so I won’t go into too much detail here. Suffice it to say, you NEED to try these.

Why? They take up very little space, are biodegradable, create zero plastic waste, and they get your wash just as clean as can be! No weird chemical smells clinging to your clothing, either.

If you’ve been thinking about going more “green” in your household, start with Earth Breeze. You are welcome.

3. Magnesium Oil

Between working on the computer by day and sitting on the couch watching the tv at night, I do a lot more sitting than I used to. I don’t know if that has caused a change in circulation or shift in my nerves (I suppose I need to research this), but I tend to get restless leg syndrome lately.

You know, those weird twitches and jumps in your leg and foot? Do you get that, too?

By far the best cure I’ve found is magnesium oil. Not the pills, because ingesting too much magnesium has unpleasant effects on your digestive tract (was that too vague? It makes you poop a lot!) But magnesium oil, sprayed on your legs every day, controls the jumpy leg issues without any side effects at all.

(Of course, I also highly recommend getting more physical activity during the day, especially walking – walking is like a miracle cure for every ailment).

4. A Change of Habits

My husband and I contemplated taking part in Dry January this year. Ultimately, we decided to forgo alcohol during the week and only drink during the weekends. We also gave up going out to eat during the week (since a meal out always seems to involve a cocktail or glass of wine).


There were really only a few times I missed having our pre-dinner drinks on the patio, or my glass of wine while cooking. Overall, we are both really happy with cutting back both in terms of alcohol and restaurant food. It’s been good for our health, our waistlines, and our wallets! Oh, and let me just tell you how much more soundly I sleep without all the chemicals and excess food!

Rather than give up alcohol altogether, giving it up during the week is more sustainable for the long haul. This is one new favorite habit we plan to keep!

5. The Calm Mind, from The Little Blog of Positivity

The Calm Mind, from my friend-across-the-pond Alison of The Little Blog of Positivity, is a step-by-step guide to mindfulness and meditation. You’ll gain the knowledge to lead a simpler, more fulfilling life in this wonderfully helpful 54-page e-book.

And guess what? It’s FREE! Grab it now before Alison realizes just how much she could charge for it!

Be sure to read a few blog posts, too – Alison’s blog is full of motivating, inspiring, and wise words that will get you looking at your life from a whole new perspective.

BONUS: Because I apparently can’t add and there are actually 6 things on this list

6. PleaseHateTheseThings on Instagram

The Instagram account PleaseHateTheseThings is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. The crazy things people come up with!

Take a look when you need a mood boost. Enjoy!

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Final Thoughts on Things I’m Enjoying in February 2022

So there it is – my list of favorite things for February 2022. I hope some of them become some of your favorite things, too!

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