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The 25+ Best Gifts for Moms Over 50

Gift ideas are a little different for moms over fifty. It seems they have everything they want! These are the best gifts for moms over 50.

Whether the gift is for a birthday, Mother’s Day, or special holiday, moms over fifty often don’t “need” anything. It’s time to give some thought to what they really want! Think time alone, time with adult children, and freedom from everyday chores and responsibilities!

What do mothers want for gifts when their kids are all grown up?

It’s not as simple as the hand-drawn cards, macaroni necklaces, and bouquets of flowers (usually picked from our own flower beds!) that pleased us so much when our kids were small. Gifts for moms over fifty are a bit more complex.

What Are the Best Gifts for Moms Over 50?

Survey after survey has shown that older moms generally desire the same basic things:

  • time to themselves
  • time together with their children – especially adult children who no longer live at home
  • a clean house and a clean car
  • freedom from meal planning and preparation

The gift ideas below are chosen to satisfy one (or more!) of these basic desires. In that sense, they are a bit more reflective of the wishes of the mother in your life, and not just choosing a random gift item.

Of course, it’s important to consider the unique personality of any mom when selecting a gift.

Not every mom wants the same things!

peach colored purse with matching ribbon as a gift for moms over 50

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Curated Mother’s Day Gift Lists from your favorite retailers:

Here’s a collection of gifts sure to please moms over 50

What best responds to the desires of the mom in your life?

Gifts for Moms Over 50: Time to Herself

A mother who craves time to herself deserves a little peace and quiet; time to indulge in whatever activity soothes her soul and reengages her senses.

Chances are when left to her own devices for whatever time she chooses, she will jump back into family activities quite happily after a short while.

Regardless, if it’s time alone she craves, here are some excellent gifts to give her just that:

Gifts for Her Mind

Does your mom love to read?

  1. Gift her a Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Paperwhite Cover

The newest Kindle is waterproof, so she’s free to read and relax at the beach, by the pool, or in the bath. Give yourself bonus points if you pre-load her new reader with a few books by her favorite authors.

2. Or gift her print books – either inspirational non-fiction or a novel she can disappear into for hours.

HeatherAsh Amara’s Warrior Goddess series is excellent for inspiration.

Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel Klara and The Sun will captivate any woman with its unique premise and exploration of the meaning of love.

Gifts to Soothe

If it’s a bit of pampering she’s looking for, consider:

3. A Face Steamer,

4. An at-home Spa Kit, or

5. A luxurious silk pillowcase for the sweetest dreams.

Active Gifts:

If she’s more of an active person, indulge her interests and hobbies.

6. Gardeners will find satisfaction working the soil with a new garden toolkit with a fun floral print.

7. A golfer would be in heaven with a new set of clubs (and maybe a pre-set tee time!).

8. A complete acrylic paint set is sure to inspire any aspiring or experienced artist.

Gifts to Relax:

9. New comfy pajamas, and the opportunity to lounge in bed as long as she chooses? Awesome.

10. An adult coloring book will help her reconnect with her inner child (don’t forget the crayons!)

11. And a meditation cushion is just the thing to show her you value and respect the time she takes for herself.

Gifts for Moms Over 50: Time Together with Family

For the mother who’s all about spending her day with her family, there’s no gift quite like a group activity.

12. Take mom on a picnic in the park with take-out from her favorite restaurant and a fabulous fully-stocked picnic basket.

13. Play a game of croquet in the backyard.

14. Or learn a new skill together – perhaps making sushi?

15. Why not plan a family game day (or night)? Bananagrams is a perennial favorite, fast-moving and fun. 5 Second Rule will have everyone laughing hysterically. And Settlers of Catan is a classic for a reason.

16. Top your time together off with a little sweet nostalgia by making s’mores!

Gifts for Moms Over 50: A Clean Car and a Clean House

So, in order to make these particular items work as gifts, you need to give a clear explanation that mom is NOT the one who will be using them.

The rest of the family will be providing the elbow grease.

To really drive this point home, try presenting any of these along with a bottle of champagne, a carafe of orange juice, and a single wine glass for mom.

A Clean Car

17. A Microfiber Car Wash Cleaning Tools Set,

18. Car Detailing Kit, or

19. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner will get her car sparkling clean.

A Clean Home

20. At home, a Roomba indoor robot vacuum will clean the floors.

21. This six-piece kitchen brush set will move everyone along the path of sustainability.

22. And any mom will love a window cleaning kit, if it means that someone else is going to use it to let the sunshine in.

Gifts for Moms Over 50: Freedom from Meal Planning and Preparation

This category is for the moms who don’t love cooking – but have taken the driver’s seat in the kitchen for years (decades) because they love their families.

Give these women the day off, and yet present them with their favorite meal!

Remember that the preparation is only half the effort – don’t ask mom to make any planning decisions, either.

23. Make reservations at her favorite restaurant, or plan, shop for, cook, and clean up the meal without asking for any help from her.

24. Try a surf and turf dinner, delivered to your doorstep and then prepared by you, from Lobster Gram.

25. If she’s fully on board with seafood, a classic Maine Shore Dinner just might be perfect.

26. Present her with Dinner: Changing the Game: A Cookbook, and mark the pages with the recipes you’ll be preparing for her. Then – make it. All of it. It doesn’t matter if it’s chef-perfect.

I guarantee mom is still thrilled that she could just sit back and relax while someone else does the work.

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Final Thoughts on The 25+Best Gifts for Moms Over 50

Now that you understand that the importance is not the gift itself, but the intent behind it, you are ready for Mother’s Day!

How will you be showing your love?

Will you be giving:

  • time to themselves
  • time together with their children – especially adult children who no longer live at home
  • a clean house and a clean car
  • freedom from meal planning and preparation

Whatever you decide, your mother will love it – just as she loves YOU!

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peach colored purse with matching ribbon as a gift for moms over 50
gift for mom wrapped in bright pink paper with peach ribbons
gift for mom wrapped in bright pink paper with peach ribbons

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