Best Motivational Quotes to Get You Serious about Decluttering

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Quotes are wonderful motivational tools, and today’s collection will motivate you to start the decluttering that you’ve been putting off – for HOW long?!?

It’s time, my friend. You know it’s time. That clutter that’s been driving you nuts for weeks – months – years? – has GOT to go!

But where do you start?

And more importantly perhaps, where do you find the motivation to declutter?

These nine quotes will give you the motivation you need to start decluttering.

Starting the Decluttering Process

Sure, it’s easy to think of all the areas in your home that need to be decluttered.

Under the sinks.

The linen closet.

Dressers, desk drawers, under the beds, the garage and laundry room and…

And the next thing you know, your search for decluttering advice has taken you down the Pinterest rabbit hole, and four hours later, you’ve accomplished nothing.

Not. one. thing.

Sound familiar?

Yes, you decided a while ago that this year would finally be the year you got *choke* organized.

Are you waiting for someone or something to inspire your decluttering journey?

Did you say this same thing last year, or even last month?

How do you get started on this overwhelming process?

Here’s the truth: getting inspired to begin the decluttering process is hard.

Once you get started, however, progress builds upon itself.

One drawer leads to the next and the next.

Decluttering does get easier the more you do it, and the end result is absolutely worth it.

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The First Step in Decluttering is to Understand Your Motivation

Why do you want to declutter?

Unless you can answer that question honestly, you’re not going to get very far. Your ‘why” is everything.

If you are only doing it because it’s “fashionable” or someone else is urging you to, you will likely not even start.

But if your reasons revolve around

  • reducing your stress,
  • reducing your footprint on the planet,
  • saving money, or
  • enjoying your home more,

then you have good, valid reasons to declutter.

You just need a kick in the rear to get into action!

Stress reduction may be the biggest reason people cite for wanting to declutter.

It’s amazing how stressful life can be when you are surrounded by excess stuff!

We may not even realize how much stress is caused by the quantity of stuff we have accumulated in our lives, but we certainly feel it.

All of these things we have – we have to store them, we have to clean them, we feel guilty if we don’t use them, and they just create heaviness in the atmosphere that can bring us down and distract us from living our best lives!

Finding Motivation to Start Decluttering

Remember, the hardest part about decluttering is simply getting started.

So take a moment now and decide ONE area of your home that you would like to focus on. Make it small, maybe a linen closet or under the bathroom sink. But choose just one area for now.

This is your WHERE.

Next, read these nine quotes below.

These quotes will shine a fresh light on the task ahead of you, and bring back some of that motivation to declutter. They are all short and simple but contain so many truths.

Choose the one quote that resonates most with you, and write it in big, bold letters on a piece of paper. Tape that paper up near the location of the area you are going to declutter.

This is your WHY.

Now, get to work on that space! When you get frustrated or feel like stopping, take a quick glance at your WHY.

And keep working until you are finished. (This is why it’s good to start somewhere small.)

Now that you’ve gotten started, finish. Don’t stop until the job is completed to your total satisfaction.

Then, give yourself a huge pat on the back for making progress.

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Quotes to Help You Get (and Stay) Motivated to Declutter

Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

William Morris

Things you know to be useful always have a place in your home – if you do actually use them. If you think they might someday maybe perhaps possibly be useful in the future – let them GO.

Things you believe to be beautiful tend to soothe your mind.

Keep them if you will display them somewhere they will bring you daily joy.

Clear your stuff. Clear your mind.

Eric M. Riddle

Clutter in your surroundings creates clutter in your brain.

Clear one to clear the other.

The more you own things, the more they own you.


Take back your control.

Make decisions about what you want in your home.

Don’t let your things take over.

Keeping baggage from the past will leave no room

for happiness in the future.

Wayne L. Missner

Those jeans that haven’t fit in ten years? They just make you feel guilty.

You don’t need that in your life.

Maybe they will never fit again, and you will never wear them, ever. Maybe you’ll lose weight and they will fit, but then, won’t you want new jeans that are in style?

Let the jeans go.

If you want to improve your life immediately,

clean out a closet.

Often it’s what we hold onto that holds us back.

Cheryl Richardson

Again, it’s all about taking control.

You don’t have to KonMari your entire home.

Just one space will get you feeling like you’ve accomplished something.

And you will feel freer, lighter, better.

Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.

Will Rogers

Sure, you loved all those macaroni projects your kids made in preschool.

But now your kids are adults, and it’s time to save one or two special projects, and let the rest go (you can always take photos!)

Appreciate your kids for the wonderful people they have become.

Clear clutter.

Make space for you.

Magdalena Vandenberg

If you “can’t” do things you want to do because there is no room for it, it’s a sure sign you’ve got too much stuff.

Clear your stuff, and do those craft projects, fill those photo albums, or have that dinner party.

Make room for you.

A place for everything,

and everything in its place.

Mrs. Beeton,
The Book of Household Management

When everything in your home has a place it belongs to, everything just flows more easily.

Declutter, and then assign a space for everything.

Don’t let new things spread beyond the space you’ve assigned them.

Your home is living space,

not storage space.

Francine Jay

Once again, your home belongs to YOU, for the enjoyment of YOU.

If your home feels like a storage unit or a museum, it’s time to take back your space.

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Final Thoughts on Best Motivational Quotes for Decluttering

Starting the process is the hardest step.

Find your WHERE – somewhere small, such as a drawer. You can work your way into more complex tasks as you complete the smaller spaces. Don’t overwhelm yourself in the beginning by trying to take on too much.

Then, determine your WHY. Use your WHY to get started, and don’t stop until you’ve finished your one small space.

Congratulations – Success looks good on you!

quotes that will motivate you to take action and declutter your home

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  1. This was a great list of quotes! It’s always a challenge to start the decluttering process, but these quotes help a lot to direct the focus on what’s important so you can get rid of the things that aren’t.

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