Stay Cozy All Winter with These Pillows and Throws

cozy pillows and throw blankets

We are having a heatwave this weekend in Southern California – but most of the rest of the country is well into fall. If temperatures are dropping where you live, you may be thinking of ways to bring a little warmth into your home about now.

I’ve brought you a selection of pillows and throw blankets that will make your rooms cozy for the coming cold seasons!

These pillows and blankets will add just the right color and texture for fall and winter, so you’ll get months of use from them. Once the spring thaw comes, switch them out for brighter shades.

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Make Your Rooms Cozy with Pillows and Blankets

Pillows, Pillows Everywhere

Can you keep a secret? My husband hates pillows! He thinks I buy them just to get in his way when he is trying to get comfortable. I, on the other hand, think pillows are amazingly beautiful and contribute to the feeling of comfort in my home.

Since I am the one who decorates our home – guess what? We have lots of pillows! But, being ever practical, I prefer to purchase pillow covers when I’m ready for an updated look. I use the same inserts over and over again.

Storage is so much easier this way – have you ever tried to stuff a half dozen pillows into your linen closet? Pillow covers, on the other hand, take up no more space than a hand towel.

TIP: I like to buy my pillow covers one size smaller than my inserts, for that overstuffed designer look.

Here are some of my favorite Fall and Winter pillows from Amazon:

Sunflower Yellow with Textured Stripe Pillow:

Nineteen color choices mean these textured stripe pillow covers are guaranteed to match your decor – but do try this mustard yellow for fall! Seven different sizes are available, making this a super-flexible option that will work well in any home, and any decor.

Maple Leaves Pillow Cases:

I love that these pillow covers are full of fall leaves and colors, but don’t lock you into any particular Holiday (no jack-o-lanterns here). I personally like the fact that they don’t have any cute sayings on them, because those can start to look dated quickly. These will look stylish for years. They will look good for months! With the many different styles, they will fit into almost any decor, as well.

Oversized Buffalo Check Pillow Covers in Linen:

Buffalo check updates the farmhouse look when it’s oversized and in a modern black and white. Bonus for having the print on both sides of these pillow covers, which come in a set of two.

Bohemian Retro Stripe Pillow Case:

Add a Bohemian touch to your sofa with a blast of color! These four pillow covers are sure to brighten up even the cloudiest of days and will look especially good on any solid color sofa. Just picture them against crisp white canvas or buttery caramel leather!

Modern Geometric Sofa Pillow Cases:

What a deal – you get six covers in this set! I love the striking modern black and white design, and especially the one faux leather cover for contrast! Of all the pillows I’ve shown here, I have to say these are my favorites.

Throws and Blankets for the Couch

How many throws do you keep in your living room when it’s cold outside? I try to make sure there is one available for each person, so there’s never an issue of someone going without. And to be honest, I keep a summer-weight throw around all year long, because I freeze in air-conditioning!

There are so many gorgeous throws available right now, I might have to nudge that up to two per person!

Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap.

Barbara Jordan

Excellent Choices in Blankets:

Herringbone Faux Cashmere Blanket:

Super-soft faux cashmere, lightweight, machine washable, and non-shedding. Already sounds like a dream, right? But take a look at that gorgeous herringbone pattern and the contrasting fringe!

This throw comes in a choice of eight colors, but I am partial to this perfect fall shade of pumpkin orange.

Flannel Blanket with Pompom Fringe:

You again get a choice of eight colors in this soft flannel blanket, but I love the look of a classic, neutral ivory with that fun pompom trim.

Organic Throw Blanket with Tassels:

Organic bamboo? Yes, please! This throw is sure to be lightweight and yet still wrap warmly around you. And how cute is this reindeer pattern?

Super Soft Faux Fur Throw:

For the ultimate in luxury, try this frosting-tipped, extra long faux fur blanket, great for snuggling under with a special someone. Plenty of neutral shades and colors to choose from.

Plow & Hearth

Oversized Ombre Stripe Blanket:

I can picture myself on a rainy day with a good book, a cup of tea, and this fuzzy number! The subtle ombre stripes keep the look fresh while the texture adds drama to any decor.

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Final Thoughts on Stay Cozy All Winter with These Pillows and Throws

When looking to cozy up your couch, the choices are nearly endless. Whether you prefer an organic cotton or a faux-fur, a bright color or a soothing neutral, there are so many options! Think about all of the different ways you can combine pillows and throws for different looks.

Do give pillow covers a try – you’ll never go back to buying full pillows again. Just remember to buy them smaller than your inserts!

And while I’ve written this post with you in mind, consider a coordinating pillow/blanket combination as an ideal wedding, engagement, or new home gift, too! Sure to be appreciated!

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  1. We seem to be sharing the same obsession and our husbands seem to share the same reaction to our obsession:) Mine can’t shut up about the pillows but he keeps using them when he reads in bed or laying on the sofa. I just bought a new throw and my kids shamelessly still it from me constantly. I’ll have to get another onother one:) Love your choices.

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