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The 25 Best Positivity Blogs To Read In 2024

Positivity, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, is defined as “the practice of being or tendency to be positive or optimistic in attitude.” A glass-half-full perspective on life, if you will. How do you develop positivity? Read these blogs and you’ll learn all you need to know about positivity.

Perhaps some people, for various reasons, may seem to be naturally “happier” than others.

However, positivity is not an inherent trait – it is a practice.

It is an attitude about and toward life, of making the most of any circumstance – good, bad, or otherwise.

Positivity is something that we have some control over, something we can build, and something we can grow.

It is something we can learn about and develop within ourselves.

The more we flex our positivity muscles – the more we work at it – the more positivity we will all experience in our own lives.

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In order to carry a positive action, we must develop here a positive vision.

Dalai Lama

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I think it’s vital to keep in mind that positivity is a practice.

In fact, studies have shown that a full 40% of positivity is based on situational response.

Yep, how you REACT to a situation matters more than the situation itself.

Your outlook is so, so important.

And that’s the reason I want to share these blogs about positivity with you. Each blogger comes from a somewhat different perspective (because, as humans, we are naturally different).

Each has powerful wisdom to share.

Take a look at some (or all!) of these blogs, dive into the articles inside them, and see which ones resonate with you the most.

And experience greater positivity for yourself!

woman with dark hair, blue tshirt, and white sweater lying in grass in sunshine, reading top 25 positivity blogs of 2023

the best Positivity Blogs of 2023

My Personal “Top 10”

1. Little Blog of Positivity

The very first blog I discovered that focused on the topic of positivity is the aptly named Little Blog of Positivity. I’ve never met Alison, who hails from the UK, in real life but through our blogs and social media, I think of her as a friend I’ve yet to meet.

She created her blog and business (she’s a certified life coach) in order to provide her readers with tools and tips to help them live more confident, fulfilling lives.

Her topics include mindfulness, confidence building, goal setting, and healthy living. Sound familiar? Yes, we have a lot in common!

I love her fresh, practical approach and friendly writing style.

A great place to start: How To Be A Happier Person: 10 Daily Happiness Practices

You’ll for sure want to grab her FREE eBook, The Calm Mind

2. Kindness, Compassion, and Coaching

You can always count on finding some good news here, as well as enlightening stories and information.

Joan presents the information in her blog as free life coaching and deepens into specific areas of interest such as well-being, happiness, life purpose, parenting, mental health, relationships, depression, anxiety – and many more.

I recommend you start with her series Self-Discovery Starts Here.

You could spend weeks going through all the wisdom Joan presents, and you will leave her website feeling empowered and excited about all the wonders life has to offer.

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3. The Let Go

I may be a bit biased on this one, because I have met Charisse Glenn, and she is an absolutely lovely, sweet, and kind woman. She believes that the happier we are as individuals, the kinder and more harmonious the world becomes.

Each lyrically written post is sprinkled with personal stories and meaningful quotes, making them all the more personal.

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4. Tiny Buddha

Simple wisdom for complex lives.

Tiny Buddha is about reflecting on simple wisdom and learning new ways to apply it to our complex lives—complete with responsibilities, struggles, dreams, and relationships. Founded in 2009, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness, with more than six million readers and followers and a vibrant community forum.

Lori Deschene has created one of the best-known positivity blogs of all time.

Where to start? There are so many options, but try this one: Why We Need to Stop Chasing Success and Start Enjoying the Little Things in Life

5. Positively Present

Dani is a long-time blogger – she’s been at it since 2009, which gives her a wealth of experience and wisdom to share. She’s also a great artist, as you’ll see when you visit her blog!

In her own words, “Posts on Positively Present strive to support the idea that life is best lived if it’s lived right now with a positive attitude. Be positive. Be present. This is your life.”

I absolutely loved: Positively Present’s Thoughts on Toxic Positivity

6. Smart Living 365

Kathy has been writing books and articles covering many different topics for quite a few years – she has seven published books! (I’m not jealous, I find her inspiring! Ok, I’m a little jealous, too.)

In her blog SMART Living 365 she explores ideas and experiences that help to create a meaningful, sustainable, compassionate, and rewarding life for herself and others.

Learn a lot: A Quick Quiz About The Cult Of Positivity

7. The Positivity Blog

Here you will find practical personal development advice and step-by-step strategies that work in real life, from Henrik Edberg of Sweden.

Henrik’s blog offers advice on living a happier life, improving self-esteem, building relationships and social skills, and simplifying life.

Read: How to Stay in the Present Moment in Everyday Life: 5 Simple Habits

8. Peace Blog

Peace Blog is a platform that shares stories about peace-building through a variety of topics: Meditation, Daily Life, Self-Development, Peace Activism. There are contributions from multiple authors, so each article feels fresh and new.

Try this: Alignment Within: How Meditation Helped Me Overcome My Fear

9. Positively Positive

At its core, Positively Positive is about optimism and inspiration. The stated goal for the blog is to “keep your positivity tank topped off”. How wonderful is that?

Get a taste of what’s in store for you: How to Make Sure You Start Every Day with a Smile

10. Utterly Positive

Juliet Dreamhunter started this blog less than two years ago – and it is absolutely bursting with happiness and positivity! If you love quotes and affirmations, you will find loads of them here.

Juliet focuses on happiness, mindset, and self-care topics, all with a serious bent toward a positive mindset.

You can’t miss: 70 I Am Beautiful Affirmations To Tell Yourself Everyday

More Positivity Blogs You Will Enjoy and Learn From

11. Tracking Happiness

12. MelloWoman

13. Calm Sage

14. MindValley

15. Greatist

16. Happify

17. Positivity Pledge

18. The Drama-Free Club

19. Found and Bliss

20. Powerful Positive Thinking

21. The Positive Mom

22. Positive Outlooks

23. Power of Positivity

24. Frank Sonnenberg Online

25. Greater Good

In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact.

Les Brown

Read More:

Final Thoughts on the 25 Best Positivity Blogs to Read in 2023

My goal has been to show you that there is a tremendous range of topics and approaches that all fall under the general subject of positivity.

Hopefully, you’ve found some new favorite blogs and bloggers to inspire you to a life of greater positivity.

If you know of another excellent blog that focuses on this topic – or if you write one yourself – please let me know in the comments. I’d love to add additional blogs to my list, and I want to hear from you!


woman with dark hair, blue tshirt, and white sweater lying in grass in sunshine, reading top 25 positivity blogs of 2023
woman with dark hair, blue tshirt, and white sweater lying in grass in sunshine, reading top 25 positivity blogs of 2023
woman in swimsuit and hat sitting on pool deck reading top 25 positivity blogs of 2023

24 thoughts on “The 25 Best Positivity Blogs To Read In 2024”

  1. The power of positivity is truly remarkable, and these 25 best positivity blogs of 2023 offer invaluable insights and inspiration. From mindfulness and happiness practices to self-development and well-being, each blog provides unique perspectives on embracing positivity in our lives.

    Alison’s ‘Little Blog of Positivity’ and Joan’s ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ are among my top favorites, delivering practical wisdom and life coaching. Dani’s ‘Positively Present’ and Henrik’s ‘The Positivity Blog’ offer step-by-step strategies for a happier life.

    Remember, positivity is a practice we can all cultivate, and these blogs will guide you on your journey to a more fulfilling and optimistic life!

    1. I am SO glad you enjoyed this post! I love when I can share worthwhile information, including from other bloggers. Alison and Joan are two of my favorites, as well! Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi Lori, thank you so much for including In Pursuit of Happiness ( in your list! I’m excited to visit all the other sites you have recommended.

    1. Hi Jiya,
      Thank you so much for reading and responding to my blog! I give you a lot of credit for starting a blog as a teenager, especially in the influential area of positivity! I’ll save this comment, and add you to the list of bloggers the next time I update the list. Thanks for sharing your blog with me, and keep writing!!!

  3. Thanks for all the recommendations. As a positivity and mental health advocate myself, I believe the best effort should be put in anything that improves and guarantees a positive, healthy mind.

    1. I’m glad you found this useful, Mary! Thank you for reading and commenting – and I applaud your work as a positivity health advocate! I am sure you are impacting many people’s lives.

    1. Hi Annette, thank you for reading, commenting, and sharing your blog! I did check it out, and there’s lots of positive vibes there! It made me smile! Keep up the awesome work!

  4. Hi Lori,
    You certainly brought me joy today as I discovered you included my blog, If It Brings You Joy, in your list of “absolutely positive blogs.” Thank you so much! At a quick glance, it seems we have much in common in regard to our passion to help women live their best life. Onward to checking out some more of your reads! Again, much appreciation. I hope our paths continue to cross!

    1. Thank you so much, Ellen! You absolutely belong on this list, and I love reading your posts! I have no doubt we will continue to cross paths as we go along our blogging journeys! I so appreciate your comments, and taking time to read this post.

  5. Alice - Il regno dell'Ongheu

    I have found your link on this Wednesday Blog Share.
    I agree with you: positivity is not just a state of mind, but something we have to practise every day!
    Thanks for the article and the blog suggestions 🙂

    1. Yes, it takes regular practice! Glad you enjoyed the post – and the other bloggers, who are wonderful. Thanks for reading, Alice!

  6. Gail Williamson (Found and Bliss)

    Hello Lori, Thanks for this list of positive-minded writing which I am so glad to have found. We all need a smile, don’t we? I write at Found and Bliss,, where I offer thoughts and stories about mindfulness for our personal growth. Please take a read and share if you feel my blog would be of value to you and your readers.

    1. Hi, Gail! Thanks so much for reading – and for sharing your blog post, which I’ve really enjoyed reading. So much so, in fact, that I’ve added it to my list! It was a natural fit, so I am thankful you shared! Shine on!

      1. Gail Williamson (Found and Bliss)

        Thanks so much for including my blog in your list! Just so you know, I’ve spread some more love and tweeted and pinned your post. Take care and have a wonderful day.

    2. Hi Gail – Thank you so much for reading! I enjoyed checking out your blog as well – as you can see, I enjoyed it so much I’ve added it to this list! It was a natural fit, so I am thankful you shared. Shine on, friend!

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