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It’s Nice to Be Nice: How You Benefit from Being Kind

We all know that people who are shown kindness experience benefits from it. But did you know that the people who show kindness also receive benefits from their actions? Here are 6 benefits of kindness experienced by those who give it, demonstrating the true power of kindness for all.

Without kindness, our world would be filled with strife, discontent, and anger. We’d see relationships fall apart or never start, countries disintegrate into constant war, and our world completely changed.

Without kindness, people would never demonstrate compassion to others, and societies would simply fall apart.

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doctor holding hand of male patient with text 6 positive effects of being kind

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Understanding The Power of Kindness

As children and even as adults, we look for kindness from our family and friends. We find it unexpectedly and show it to those who need it most. We give and receive kindness every day in some form.

Kindness moves us.

Kindness establishes and strengthens relationships.

We remember past kindnesses done to and by us.

Kindness nourishes, heals, strengthens, and uplifts us.

Many studies have shown that kindness is not just a good moral value.

Kindness is good for you.

It benefits your brain, your body, and your emotions in many ways.

Kindness is a foundation for a meaningful life.

The Power of Kindness: 6 Positive Effects of Being Kind

1. Kindness Makes You Happier

When we perform random acts of kindness, we activate areas of pleasure, social connection, and trust in our brains.

Good deeds make you feel good, and performing good deeds will improve your mood and increase your self-esteem.

2. Kindness makes you happier and happiness makes you kinder

Research shows evidence of a “positive feedback loop” between kindness and happiness.

When you are happy, you are more likely to feel giving and kind towards others.

When you express kindness, you feel happier.

It’s a self-perpetuating loop of goodness.

two women feeling happy due to kindness acts between them, demonstrating the power of kindness for everyone

3. Kindness creates social connections and bonding

As humans, we’re preprogrammed to be a part of a group.

Being a part of a group and having social connections has been proven to enhance our physical performance and boost mental clarity.

Being kind allows us to be a welcome member of a group and demonstrates belonging.

4. Kindness helps with the Physical healing process

When healthcare is delivered with kindness it can hasten the healing process, thereby shortening hospital stays.

Kinder care leads to a range of outcomes including reduced pain, lowered blood pressure, and less anxiety for both the patient and caregivers.

5. Kindness can decrease or help prevent diseases

Kindness lowers our stress and anxiety levels.

It decreases pain because of the endorphins and feel-good hormones released at the time of the act of kindness.

Positive emotions from kindness boost your vagus nerve – the nerve which regulates blood sugar. This helps the body prevent diabetes, strokes, and heart disease.

doctor putting cooling cloth on female patient's head as an act of kindness

6. Altruism has been shown to stimulate the reward area of our brain

Studies suggest that we get high on being kind.

Random acts of kindness release dopamine into your system, which is a chemical messenger in the brain that can give us a feeling of euphoria.

This dopamine effect is temporary, however – which is why acts of kindness should be repeated consistently!

The rewards of acts of kindness are many. They help us feel better and they help those who receive them. We’re building better selves and better communities at the same time.

Dr, William IsHak, Professor of Psychiatry
Cedars-Sinai Hospitals

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Final Thoughts on The Power of Kindness: 6 Positive Effects of Being Kind

Without kindness, life would be lonely, filled with anger and desolation, disease and stress.

No matter how inconsequential an act of kindness might seem, it will ultimately benefit the giver as much as the receiver.

When kindness is given with no expectations in return, our lives are calmer and happier.

What can you do to show kindness today?


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doctor holding hand of male patient with text 6 positive effects of being kind

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