Mrs. Meyer’s Acorn Spice Scent: A Product Review

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soy candle burning Mrs. Meyers Acorn Spice Scent

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This post offers a review of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day cleaning products in the Acorn Sprice scent.

Shopping Fun at Target

My mother doesn’t like Target. I don’t know why. I thought everybody liked Target, so it was quite a surprise to find out that my very own mother wasn’t a fan. She is probably an alien. I contemplated that possibility the other day as I was making my way through every one of the aisles in my local store.

Me, I love Target. Sometimes I try to deny it, but the truth is what it is.

I’ve tried to convince my husband, who has not been in any retail store in years, that there is a $100 cover charge at Target. “See, honey, I only spent $29.35 – the rest was that blasted cover charge!” Give the guy a gold star – he puts up with this kind of stuff. But let’s face it, Target is just loaded with good stuff and sometimes that stuff just ends up in your cart.

‘”You don’t go to Target to buy what’s on your list: You go to Target, and Target tells you what to buy.” – A Wise Woman

So anyway, there I was browsing the aisles when I came across a free-standing display of the new fall scented products from Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day.

Mrs. Meyers dish soap in tray with cloth

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day

I love Mrs. Meyer’s products. Is that weird, to love a line of cleaning products? But, I’m telling you, Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning products are completely and totally a-mazing. Most of their scents smell like a little bit of heaven, and their ingredients are (mostly) plant-derived or essential oils. They do not test on animals. Most importantly, they work really, really well.

What was so special about this display? The fall fragrances, of course! When you live in Southern California, it can be hard to transition from summer to fall. September and October are frequently our hottest months. Pumpkin decor and corn stalks and fuzzy pillows just don’t feel right when it’s still 90+ degrees for the foreseeable future. But fall fragrances are an easy transition I can get behind!

Target had two fragrances to choose from, Mum and Acorn Spice. I am not a flowery-scent fan, so I didn’t care for Mum – although the deep rose-colored labels were gorgeous, as far as cleaning product labels go. The Acorn Spice, on the other hand, was a perfect Autumnal scent – warm, like freshly toasted nuts, with just a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. I do mean just a hint, because strong cinnamon scents give me an immediate headache. No headache here. Just cozy-feeling goodness.

The dish soap, multi-surface cleaner, and soy candle came home with me.

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day candle

Testing the Acorn Spice Products

I tried out the multi-surface cleaner on my kitchen sink and counters this morning, and I am very pleased to report that they are just as fresh, shiny, and clean as can be. The fragrance held up the entire time I was using it but never became overwhelming. Hours later, I get just a whiff of it when I walk into the kitchen.

The candle is burning now, and, oh, luxury. It has a fantastic throw, and again, smells wonderfully fall-ish without being overpowering.

I haven’t tried the dish soap yet – still using up the lavender version – but I am confident it will be a win, as well.

Do I recommend the Acorn Spice scented products? Absolutely, as well as any other Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products you find. There are a total of eighteen different scents, but some are seasonal, so you can’t find them year-round.

I did notice on the Mrs. Meyer’s website that there are additional fall scents including Apple and the ubiquitous Spiced Pumpkin.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day offers 11 household cleaning products, 9 hand care products, 4 for the body, 7 for the laundry, and 3 air fresheners (including 2 sizes of soy candles). Essentially, there’s a product for pretty much anything you could ever care to clean, or as they say on the website ‘for almost every nook and cranny”.

Mrs. Meyer’s products are available at many retail outlets and online. For more information about the products and the company, you can refer to their website.

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3 Mrs. Meyers Acorn Spice Cleaning Products product review

Home-made v. Store-Bought Products

I know many people who prefer to make their own cleaning products, and I generally do, too. But I also like having some back-up cleaners for when I don’t have time or the right ingredients on hand, and I always choose Mrs. Meyer’s.

Do you make your own cleaning products, or do you buy them? What are your favorites?

(Quick follow-up: My mom insists she is NOT, and never has been, an alien. I guess that’s a good thing for me!)

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  1. HELEN kennedy says:

    I absolutely Love Acorn Spice anything! Wish stores carried it year round.

    1. Lori says:

      Oh, Helen, me too! I’ve switched to Pine for the Holidays, but I really miss the Acorn Spice! Happy New Year!

  2. Britt says:

    Acorn Spice sounds like the PERFECT fall scent! I haven’t tried this brand specifically but it sounds like it’s worth a try if I do come across it moving forward…

    1. Lori says:

      It really is a nice scent. Thank you for reading!

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