21 Simple Steps to Shape a Life You Love

Grab this 7-page guide and you'll see how easily small, actionable steps throughout your day lead to big results.
Start creating a life that speaks to you.
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Checklist: Fall Home Maintenance Projects

The ultimate 4-page list of maintenance projects to prepare your home for cold weather. Includes inside and outside of the house, the yard, and when to call in a professional.
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30 Day Challenge: Happiness

Create a greater sense of happiness in your life by choosing one activity each day for a month. You will be amazed at the changes you experience! Undated, start anytime.
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30 Day Challenge:
Spring Cleaning Projects

Take on these quick (10 minutes or less!) cleaning activities, and see the difference they make in your home. Undated, start anytime of year!
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fitness planner

Weekly Fitness Tracker

Build excellent fitness habits with this easy-to-use tracker. Monitor sleep, water intake, meditation, stretching, balance exercises, and walking. Record gratitude and achievements for the week.
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List: Online Sources for Vegetables Seeds

20 best places to purchase high-quality organic, heirloom, non-GMO seeds for your garden. Links to websites.
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Happiness Coloring Pages

3 pages of simple but happy designs, meant to help you relax, destress, and enjoy being creative.
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Affirmation Jar Power Words

2 pages of empowering, descriptive words for use in your affirmation jar.

31-Day Challenge:
Morning Habits

One month to develop 4 tiny morning habits that will set the stage for you to have an amazing day - EVERY day!
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