How to Remove Scratch Marks From Your Plates

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how to remove scratches from your dishes

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Pull out any one of your everyday plates right now, and take a look at it. Do you see a zillion little scratches all over the surface? The plate is not dirty – it’s just scratched up from daily use! Today’s short and sweet post will tell you how to remove those scratch marks from your plates.

What Causes the Scratch Marks on Your Plates?

How did those scratch marks get there, anyway? Mostly, these marks come from flatware scraping against the plate – think how many times forks and knives hit the surface of the plate over the course of a meal. Then multiply that by all the meals you’ve served, and you can begin to see why your plates are all scraped up!

Your dishwasher is doing its job, but it is designed to make the plates clean. It doesn’t polish or buff them, so the marks don’t get removed in the dishwasher.

I’ve had my dish set for more than twenty years. Believe me when I tell you, they are scratched up – but still in perfectly useable condition!

Before and After

Anyway, here is what one of my plates looked like before I removed the scratches:

how to remove scratch marks from your plates - before cleaning

And here is the same plate just a few minutes later:

how to remove scratch marks from your plates - after cleaning

What a difference!

How to Remove Scratch Marks

Purchase a can of Barkeepers Friend Cleanser. This powder cleanser has been around since 1882! It’s possible that other cleansers work also, but I know this one does.

Sprinkle a little of the cleanser on a plate, then scrub the entire surface of the plate with a wet cloth or sponge. Rinse well. Depending on the condition of your plates, you may want to repeat these steps once.

You will be amazed at how the scratches and random smudges disappear.

Dry your plate, put it away, and forget about it. Until the next time you pull it out of the cabinet, and surprise yourself with how much better it looks.

A Good Job for When You Are Bored and Uninspired

To be sure, this is a pretty tedious, monotanous task. Please don’t waste a beautiful sunny afternoon removing scratch marks from your dishes – life is much too short!

But some cold, rainy day, when you feel like you should do something productive…but you are half-watching some old movie on tv and you are tired and just not in the mood for anything…but you can’t quite sit still, either…do you have those days? This is the perfect task to do on one of those days!

Pin this now so you can remember it when you are ready to do the job.

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How to remove scratch marks from your plates

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