Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall

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Living in Southern California, it really doesn’t feel much like fall around here. I’m still running around barefoot most of the day, but I would like to at least give my home a bit of that cozy fall feeling. So I am taking a look at some simple ways to make my house feel a little more appropriate for the season.

My Fall Decor Style Has Changed

Several years back, I gave away all of our artificial pumpkins, yard goblins, orange twinkle lights, and plastic tombstones to a friend of mine with younger children. She was happy to have the decor, and honestly, I was glad to pass it along to someone who’s kids would appreciate it.

I’m not looking for more plastic pumpkins.

I just want to emphasize the colors, textures, and scents of a crisp fall day.

Fall Decorating with Color

Naturally, I want to bring in some traditional fall colors. I love the brilliant burgundy, hunter green, mustard yellow, and burnt orange leaves of autumn. These colors will really pop when added to the soft blue and grey color scheme of my home.

woods with traditional fall colors

But fall colors don’t stop there! Look at the fabulous teal and charcoal grey in the picture below. These will also work well with my decor!

autumn scene with teal

Plum and rosey pink are trendy fall shades this year. While they are lovely colors, I think I’ll pass on them for my home. Otherwise, I’d be on fall color overload, and it would start to be too much!

autumn leaves with purple

Fall Decorating with Texture

Now that I know the color palette of the decor items I’ll be looking for, it’s time to focus on bringing in some great texture.

More than any other season, fall is all about touchable textures. Just look at the thick weave of this pillow and blanket to see what I mean. Don’t they give you all the warm snugglies?

close up of grey and cream pillow

True fact: My husband hates pillows! He thinks I buy them just to irritate him! But I love a good pillow – and so I may need to add one (or two!) for the fall. This one is nice, but I’d like one with more fall colors.

I almost snapped up this basket while I was in Target a few days ago. Baskets are wonderful for adding texture, and I liked the deep brown tone. I might have to go back and get it. What do you think?

woven brown basket

Setting the Mood With Fragrance

Candles, air fresheners, homemade potpourris, and wax melts can all add delicious fragrance to the air in your home that will really make it feel like fall.

Fall scents seem practically unlimited, and range from outdoor scents (think bonfire, aspen leaves, cedar, smoke) to comfort foods (maple pancakes, cafe au lait, hot cocoa) to traditional seasonal favorites (cranberry, teakwood, pumpkin spice).

I really like the Nature’s Wick 3-layer candle, below, that has wooden wicks that crackle like a fire!

candle with wooden wick

I’m also totally loving the acorn spice scent of the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products I wrote about in this post.

Mrs. Meyers dish soap in tray with cloth makes it feel like fall

So more fragrance items are a definite must for my fall home. I’m a big fan of the 3-wick candles and Bath and Body Works, so I’ll keep my eyes out for their frequent half-price sales.

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Get that Fall Feeling with Football Decor!

Sometimes, there are small personal things that can set the mood of a season for you.

At our house, that’s already been taken care of. Several years ago I gave my husband this football helmet as a gift, and I think it is one of his favorite possessions. That’s the University of Michigan, in case you weren’t sure, and Mike is a huge fan.

This helmet goes on display under our television on opening day of college football season, and it will stay there until the championship game is over. It just wouldn’t be fall in our home without it.

Now that I’ve finished brainstorming what fall feels like to me, it’s time to go out into the world and see if I can collect just a few items that will bring that feeling into our home. I’ll keep you posted!

tv table with football helmet, feel like fall

Do you go all out with your fall decor, or do you try to keep it simple?

simple tips to make your home feel like fall

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