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40 Valentine’s Day Activities to Celebrate All Kinds of Love

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Whether you plan to spend it alone, with someone special, or with your friends, here are 40 things to do on Valentine’s Day.

Because it shouldn’t matter if you are one half of a “couple”.

Valentine’s Day used to be all about romantic love. Now, it’s just a fun time to celebrate everyone you care about – your partner, your family, your friends, your community – and most especially, yourself!

Valentine’s Day activities are an example of ways to show yourself recreational self-care!

decorated heart shaped cookies for valentine's day

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Enjoy the day with just yourself:

10 things to do If You’re alone on Valentine’s Day

  1. Treat yourself to a spa day at home with a bubble bath, face mask, and soothing music.
  2. Take yourself out for a solo movie marathon or binge-watch your favorite TV shows.
  3. Cook a special dinner just for yourself, trying out a new recipe or indulging in your favorite comfort food.
  4. Go for a long walk or hike in nature, enjoying the peace and tranquility of being alone.
  5. Spend the day reading a book or starting a new creative project that brings you joy.
  6. Write yourself a love letter or journal about all the things you appreciate about yourself.
  7. Practice self-care with yoga, meditation, or a relaxing mindfulness exercise.
  8. Treat yourself to a special dessert or sweet treat that you love.
  9. Take the opportunity to declutter and organize your living space, creating a calming environment for yourself.
  10. Plan a solo adventure, whether it’s visiting a museum, exploring a new part of town, or taking a day trip to a nearby destination.

If you’re spending Valentine’s Day with a significant other:

10 valentine’s day Activities with your partner

  1. Plan a surprise romantic getaway or a day trip to a place your partner loves.
  2. Create a personalized photo album or scrapbook capturing your favorite memories together.
  3. Cook a special homemade dinner or prepare a romantic picnic complete with their favorite foods and drinks.
  4. Write a heartfelt love letter or create a personalized playlist of songs that hold special meaning for both of you.
  5. Plan an at-home spa day with massages, facials, and relaxation to pamper and unwind together.
  6. Organize a movie night featuring your partner’s favorite films, complete with cozy blankets and their preferred snacks.
  7. Arrange a surprise date night at a restaurant they’ve been wanting to try or a favorite spot that holds sentimental value.
  8. Create a DIY gift or craft something meaningful that reflects your partner’s interests or hobbies.
  9. Plan an adventure together, such as a hike, bike ride, or visit a new place that you both have been wanting to explore.
  10. Simply spend quality time together, whether it’s engaging in deep conversations, playing games, or just enjoying each other’s company without distractions.

Have fun with your friends:

10 ways to spend valentine’s day with Your friends

  1. Host a potluck dinner or brunch where everyone brings a dish to share, and enjoy a festive meal together.
  2. Organize a movie marathon featuring romantic comedies, classic films, or your friends’ favorite movies.
  3. Plan a group outing to a local art exhibit, museum, or cultural event to explore and appreciate creativity together.
  4. Host a game night with board games, card games, or trivia to spark friendly competition and laughter.
  5. Arrange a group cooking or baking session, trying out new recipes or making sweet treats together.
  6. Have a DIY craft night where you can create handmade gifts, decorations, or personalized mementos for each other.
  7. Organize a karaoke or dance party at home or at a local venue to celebrate and have fun together.
  8. Volunteer as a group at a local charity or community organization, spreading love and kindness to those in need.
  9. Plan a group outdoor activity such as a hike, picnic, or beach day, enjoying nature and each other’s company.
  10. Host a themed party, such as a costume party, masquerade ball, or a retro-themed gathering to add an extra element of fun and excitement to the celebration.

Give back to your community:

10 Ways to volunteer on valentine’s day

  1. Serve meals at a local homeless shelter or community kitchen to provide nourishment and companionship to those in need.
  2. Visit a nursing home or assisted living facility to spend time with elderly residents, playing games, sharing stories, or simply offering companionship.
  3. Volunteer at an animal shelter, walking dogs, socializing with cats, or helping with cleaning and maintenance tasks to support the well-being of shelter animals.
  4. Organize a donation drive for essential items such as clothing, hygiene products, or non-perishable food to support a local charity or community organization.
  5. Participate in a beach or park clean-up to help preserve and protect the environment while enjoying the outdoors.
  6. Offer to assist at a local community garden, helping with planting, weeding, or harvesting produce that will benefit the community.
  7. Volunteer at a children’s hospital, organizing activities, reading to young patients, or providing support to families during their hospital stay.
  8. Join a Habitat for Humanity project, contributing to building or renovating homes for families in need within your community.
  9. Participate in a blood drive to help save lives by donating blood at a local donation center or mobile blood drive event.
  10. Get involved in a community mentorship program, offering guidance and support to young people who can benefit from positive adult role models in their lives.

Now that you’ve seen all of these possibilities – what will YOU do this Valentine’s Day?

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