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Wellness Over 50: 10 Tips for a Healthier Life

Maintaining good health can be hard at any age – but becomes even more challenging after fifty. Studies show that about 70% of adults over fifty have chronic health conditions! Follow these tips for healthy living after fifty for a healthier, happier life.

It’s no secret that we live in a world where our health is constantly under attack.

From the food we eat to the environment we live in, it seems like everything is working against us when it comes to staying healthy.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There are plenty of things we can do to protect our health and ensure that we do not get sick.

Because aging opens us up to so many more chronic illnesses and issues, it’s absolutely vital that we fight back!

You won’t find any magic bullets in this list.

It’s all pretty much common sense – but that doesn’t mean these come easily, naturally, or without some sacrifice.

What are they?

Worth it.


Woman over fifty with long dark hair, green shirt, and white jeans, lying on grass smiling, having a healthier life after fifty

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Here are 10 tips for healthy living after fifty.

If you want to live a long, healthy, active life, you must commit to:

  • Eat the Right Foods
  • Get Moving
  • Reduce Stress
  • Limit Unhealthy Habits
  • Get Regular Checkups
  • Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Wash Your Hands
  • Keep Your Distance
  • Get Enough Quality Sleep
  • Age Well
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10 tips for healthy living after fifty

There are plenty of things you can do to fight back against the forces of unhealthy living.

Here are just a few tips to help you stay healthy:

1. Eat The Right Foods

This one is easy to understand, but not always so easy to follow.

Eating a diet of nutritious foods is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Fill your plate with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein to keep your body fueled and healthy. Aim for a balance of at least 80% healthy foods.

If you’re used to eating three large meals a day, it’s time to switch things up.

Eating several smaller meals throughout the day can help boost your metabolism and keep your energy levels up. Plus, it’ll help you avoid overeating or making unhealthy choices when you’re feeling famished.

Reducing the hours each day that you eat (intermittent fasting) is also effective.

What doesn’t work? Consuming empty, garbage calories, or extreme calorie restriction!

2. Get Moving

Exercise is important for overall health. It’s crucial for maintaining a healthy weight.

Make sure you get plenty of physical activity every day to help your body stay strong and fit. Going to the gym is good – but so is working physical activity into your everyday life.

Take the stairs.

Carry the groceries.

Go for a walk.

Regular exercise has been shown to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. It can also help improve mental health and lift your mood.

Get up and get moving.

older man and woman dancing for a healthy lifestyle

3. Reduce Stress

Too much stress can take a toll on your health, both physically and mentally.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, find ways to relax and de-stress.

Yoga, meditation, and deep breathing are all great ways to calm your mind and body.

Taking a hot bath or listening to soothing music can also help you relax.

Schedule some time for fun activities that make you happy.

4. Limit Unhealthy Habits

If you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol excessively, now is the time to change your ways. These habits can take a serious toll on your health, so it’s best to eliminate them.

Of course, it is not an easy task to give up these habits, but there are plenty of resources available to help you. Talk to your doctor, join a support group, or look for an online program that can help you kick the habit for good.

Sure, you could go it alone, but success is more likely when you have support.

5. Get Regular Checkups

Don’t wait until something is wrong to see a doctor.

There’s a reason doctors schedule annual checkups and tests.

Regular checkups and screenings can help catch problems early when they’re easier to treat. So, be sure to stay on top of your health by seeing your doctor for regular checkups.

As we age, our likelihood of having common ailments such as diabetes, osteoporosis, or arthritis increases dramatically. Getting tested for common diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol is important and often, lifesaving.

These common tests can help you identify any health risks you may have and take steps to reduce them.

6. Strengthen Your Immune System

Your immune system is your first line of defense against illness, so it’s important to do everything you can to keep it strong.

Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough sleep are all great ways to boost your immune system.

Of course, the number one way to boost your immune system against communicable disease is to get vaccinated.

Vaccines help protect you against dangerous diseases such as measles, mumps, and rubella. There is no guarantee you’ll avoid COVID or the annual flu with a vaccine, but it will certainly minimize your symptoms. So, make sure you’re up to date on all your vaccinations.

7. Wash Your Hands

Your mama told you this – and you probably have said it to your own kids a million times. And there’s a reason for that.

One of the best ways to protect your health is to practice good hand hygiene.

Wash your hands regularly and before eating, and avoid touching your face as much as possible. Many harmful bacteria and viruses are spread through hand contact with contaminated surfaces.

In addition to washing your hands, you should also make sure to clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces in your home, such as doorknobs, countertops, and light switches.

Disinfecting surfaces will help reduce the spread of germs and keep your family healthy.

woman over fifty with red sequin jacket and black top hat, red sunglasses showing a "rock on" sign with clean hands, healthy lifestyle

8. Keep Your Distance

As much as possible, you should avoid close contact with people who are sick.

Many illnesses are spread through the air or by touch, so it’s best to keep your distance from people who are ill. A little physical distance can go a long way in protecting your health.

If you are sick, it’s important to stay home so you don’t spread your illness to others.

You should also cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, and wash your hands often. By taking these precautions, you can help keep yourself and others healthy.

9. Get Enough Quality Sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for overall health, but it’s also crucial for maintaining a strong immune system.

Everybody needs a different amount, but on average, make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. This will ensure your body gets the rest it needs.

Inadequate sleep is associated with a number of health problems, such as obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

A good night’s sleep also allows the body to make the needed repairs for recovery.

Thus, if you’re not getting enough sleep, make sure to talk to your doctor about ways to improve your sleep habits.

10. Age Well

Think we all age at the same pace? We do not!

We can’t avoid aging – but we can age as well as possible.

As you age, your risk for health problems increases. But there are things you can do to stay healthy as you get older.

For example, certain preventive screenings are recommended for everyone at specific ages. These include screenings for cholesterol, blood pressure, and certain types of cancer. Talk to your doctor about which screenings are right for you as you age, and then make sure you get them when they are due.

couple over fifty having fun, reducing stress, leading healthy lifestyle while picking grapes to make wine

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Final Thoughts on Tips for Healthy Living After Fifty

Living a healthy life is beneficial in so many ways.

Not only are you likely to live longer, but you’ll also enjoy a higher quality of life.

Everyone wants to feel good and be able to do the things they love, so it makes sense to help your body stay strong and healthy as much as possible.

Making healthy choices each day can help you stay on track. And if you slip up, don’t be too hard on yourself. Instead, get back on track and keep moving forward.

Every day is a new opportunity to make healthy choices.

Make a commitment to start today, and you’ll be on your way to a healthier tomorrow.


woman over fifty in green shirt using ten tips to stay healthier over fifty by eating a delicious green salad
Woman over fifty with long dark hair, green shirt, and white jeans, lying on grass smiling, having a healthier life after fifty
staying healthier over fifty by walking for exercise, woman's legs walking on beach

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