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Simplify Your Housework: How to Make Home Care a Breeze

Environmental Self-Care means loving where you live. But how can housework be self-care? Are we supposed to love cleaning and organizing and doing laundry? Let’s look at it differently – housework leads to loving where we live. So let’s find ways to simplify your housework, so you can spend less time on chores and more time doing what you enjoy.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the little daily chores you have to accomplish in your life? Do you feel that they are weighing you down, pulling you back, and preventing you from accomplishing the big goals that you have set for yourself?

Turns out, the average American spends about 300 hours a year cleaning their home – that’s 5 hours a week!

It’s time to identify some smart ways to do housework to move on from what we “have to do” to get to what we want to do.

woman mopping floor with tub of cleaning products in foreground

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Smart Ways to Simplify Your Housework: Cleaning

1. How to Do Laundry from Start to Finish

I have to confess that laundry is probably the one household chore I don’t mind doing.

I think it’s because I have a pretty efficient system, and it’s a project with a clear ending. When I finish the laundry, I know I’ve finished the entire job. That means the clothes are where they belong and ready to be worn.

If you tend to get bogged down with laundry and feel it’s a never-ending chore, there’s probably a very specific reason. You don’t finish the job.

If this sounds like you, head over to How to Do Laundry from Start to Finish and learn the simple changes you can make that will allow you to finish doing your laundry.

2. How to Choose the Best Laundry Detergent

On the topic of laundry, I hope you are not still using plastic jugs of liquid detergent – they are mostly filled with water!

Learn about the benefits of laundry sheets – they look like dryer sheets, only you toss them in the washing machine and they dissolve into detergent!

Earth Breeze is the leading brand of laundry sheets, and I explain the many, many reasons why in the post Why Earth Breeze EcoSheets Should Replace Your Laundry Detergent.

3. How to Make Your Home Smell Good Part 1

If your house is not smelling its freshest – probably because we all spend too much time indoors – this post offers two simple ways to make air fresheners using essential oils. One is a spray, one is in a jar. Both can be used with a variety of essential oils tailored to your fragrance preferences.

DIY Homemade Air Fresheners Using Essential Oils are quick and inexpensive to make!

4. How to Make Your Home Smell Good Part 2

The crockpot is one of the handiest kitchen appliances ever, and you can use it for so much more than food prep.

In this post, I explain how to use your crockpot as a fragrance diffuser. There are plenty of suggestions for fragrance combinations, too.

3 etsy cleaning products - checklist, planner, and pet care organizer

5. How to Spring Clean in 10 Minutes a Day

I originally wrote this post as a 31-day challenge. Feeling unmotivated myself, but knowing how badly the house needed some work, I came up with 31 things to clean. Not your everyday cleaning, mind you, but focusing on things like fireplace screens and light switches and such that need attention, but not every day.

There are 31 housecleaning chores that take less than 10 minutes each but have a big impact.

6. How to Clean Your Home Before Winter

Fall house cleaning differs from spring chores in that the goal is to prepare the home for winter when it’s closed up tight to keep the cold out.

There are 4 basic areas of focus in fall housecleaning: windows, floors, fabrics, and kitchen. Read why these areas get top billing in the fall at Fall House Cleaning: 4 Areas to Focus On.

7. How to Clean Your Home Before You Go on Vacation

You may be surprised to learn how much there is to do before leaving for vacation, in order to return to a stress-free home after vacation. Again, it’s just a matter of planning and following through.

Learn the steps at What to Do at Home Before You Go on Vacation.

8. Bad House Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

If you’ve been cleaning houses for a long time (seems like forever, right?), chances are you have unknowingly developed some bad habits along the way. And you are making things harder than they need to be! No one needs to make things harder!

Get back some simple sanity by identifying your housecleaning bad habits, and breaking them right away!

3 photos of housecleaning including mopping scrubbing and emptying dishwasher

Smart Ways to Simplify Your Housework: Organization

1. How to Organize Your Closet in Under an Hour

Clothing closets are probably the number one location in the home where people struggle to keep things organized.

There’s an easy method to organizing your closet, regardless of size or basic layout, that keeps everything organized and efficient.

No more searching for sleeveless tops in an ocean of long-sleeved blouses, grabbing winter items when it’s 95 degrees in July, or pushing aside formal wear to look for something for lounging in at home.

When you are ready to take control of your clothing closet, read How to Organize Your Closet in Under an Hour.

2. How to File Fold Clothes to Create More Space

As a companion to organizing your closet, learn the KonMari Method (from Marie Kondo, of course!) of file-folding clothing for storage in drawers.

Once you get the hang of folding clothing her way, you’ll never go back to anything else.

That’s the beauty of How to File Fold Clothes to Keep Them Organized.

3. How to Increase Your Kitchen Storage

Second only to clothing closets, everyone always wants to find the best way to organize their kitchen.

We all have so many cooking gadgets and appliances, and even the biggest kitchens feel too small to hold everything!

If you are short on kitchen storage, you’ll want to consider adding an open pantry – essentially, a shelving unit designed for kitchen storage. An open pantry is A Smart and Simple Way to Increase Kitchen Storage.

4. How to Organize Pet Supplies So You Can Always Find What You Need

Sometimes I think my dog has at least as much stuff as my kids when they were small.

Fortunately, dog supplies are really pretty easy to organize! Read how I do this with Ozzie’s toys, leashes, meds, and more at How to Organize Pet Supplies So You Can Always Find What You Need.

woman mopping floor with tub of cleaning products in foreground

Smart Ways to Simplify Your Housework: Shopping

1. How to Save Time, Money, & Sanity Shopping at Costco

Costco and Amazon Prime are my two top time-savers when it comes to basic shopping, such as groceries or home products.

Costco has such an incredible inventory of items for every conceivable need, from bagels to Christmas trees to sweatshirts to children’s books. The prices are great, the quality of almost everything is tops, and it’s efficient to shop at the warehouse.

That efficiency is assuming you follow some basic shopping strategies. Otherwise, you may be spending hundreds of dollars on things you don’t need and won’t use before their expiration dates arrive! It’s easy to overspend at Costco (or any other warehouse store).

Before you go, read the post How to Save Time, Money, & Sanity Shopping at Costco to prepare for your shopping trip.

2. How to Shop From Home with Amazon Prime

One of the drawbacks of Costco is that you actually have to go there in person and brave the crowds. That’s not an issue with Amazon Prime. Relax on the couch and shop in your pajamas.

Once you click that buy button, you know your order will arrive super-fast – generally, in two days or less. Some items you can get in two hours! As we all know, if an item exists, it’s probably available on Amazon.

By and large, it’s one super-easy, efficient shopping experience.

Be sure to check reviews to ensure you are getting exactly what you are looking for – there are some sketchy brands, and even some counterfeits, on Amazon.

Read about all of the other benefits of Amazon Prime, and get a 30-day free trial, in the post What’s So Great About Shopping With Amazon Prime?

When your home works for you, you’ll enjoy more time for the things that make you smile.

Chrissie Halton, Organize My House

Final Thoughts on Smart Tips to Simplify Housework for a Stress-Free Home

Housekeeping, home organization, shopping… three huge time vacuums that can get in the way of achieving goals and creating a bigger life. But, they must be done!

I hope the tips presented here have given you some ideas on how you can streamline these processes and make them work more effectively for you.

What tips do you have to simplify housework?

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woman mopping floor with tub of cleaning products in foreground
3 photos of housecleaning including mopping scrubbing and emptying dishwasher
woman mopping floor with tub of cleaning products in foreground

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