Update A Dresser With New Drawer Knobs

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new drawer knobs

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Today’s post is another of the short and simple variety. I am going to show you a 10-minute trick to update a dresser with new drawer knobs.

When we remodeled our master bathroom, we removed but did not replace the old tub. We chose to maintain an empty space where the tub had been, in case future owners ever wanted to add a tub. That left a big empty space at one end of the bathroom.

I filled it by moving an old IKEA dresser from the closet of our guest room into our bathroom. It fit perfectly, the dark color balanced the bright white walls, and it does offer some much-needed storage, as there is no linen closet in this bathroom.

Update a Boring Dresser

So, it’s been quite functional. However, the dresser’s appearance is rather…blah.

dresser before
old drawer knob

I came across some drawer knobs from another project. These beautiful, unique knobs were purchased from Anthropologie several years back. I had put them on another dresser that we let go of when we moved – but I kept the knobs.

new drawer knobs

Seriously, it took all of ten minutes for me to remove the existing knobs and replace them with these beautiful ones. It’s hard to tell from the picture below, but all of the colors in the knobs really add interest and dimension to the dresser now!

dresser after

This project was quick, practical – and FREE!

Do you have any furniture in your home that is a little too basic for your taste? Try changing the drawer knobs!

Resources for Drawer Knobs

You can find Anthropologie’s latest collection of drawer knobs here. While I did not see any of the ones I have, I think I like the new collection better!

Other stores where you can find interesting knobs include House of Antique Hardware, Vintage Hardware, and Etsy.

Of course, Amazon has a huge selection, like these pretty grey and white knobs here.

Other Updates You Can Make

Other easy alterations you can make are to paint, add wallpaper to paneled doors, add decorative wooden pieces such as feet or corbels, or just about anything your imagination can come up with. The important lesson is to be creative and try different ideas. You never know what is going to be the perfect touch to add to the decor of the room.

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update a dresser with new drawer knobs

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