14 Inspiring Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

ways to celebrate valentines day

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So many ways to celebrate valentine’s day!

I know some people really get excited about Valentine’s Day, with the hearts and flowers and chocolates and dinner at a fancy restaurant.  And I am happy for them.  For some reason, though, it’s never been much of a big deal to me.  We don’t need a designated day to do these things – we should do them whenever we choose!  For those who enjoy a non-traditional holiday, there are many creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I find it almost cruel that there is so much pressure to HAVE a valentine (if you are single) or HAVE A PERFECT, ROMANTIC DATE (if you are part of a couple).  Can’t we all just love “love” and be happy?

Here’s a list of some great ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day that can be done whether you are alone, with your special someone, or with a group of friends!  Everything is super inexpensive and takes very little planning, and half are things you can do at home, and half are for when you are out and about. 

Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day - with cake!

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day At Home

  1.  Dress for the occasion.  Try red boots, a pink sweater, or heart-shaped earrings (or all three).  Whatever says “love” to you, however it says “love” to you.  Be festive and have fun with your outfit.
  2. Text a bunch of friends or family members you haven’t been in touch with recently. Wish them a happy Valentine’s Day and tell them you are thinking of them.
  3. Write in a journal.  Wherever your mind wanders, write down your thoughts.  Or, write down 100 things you love about yourself.  Your goals for the next five years.  The names of everyone you can think of that made a difference in your life.  A meaningful event from your childhood.  Memories of your first love.  Anything that reminds you to love yourself.  Add doodles if it makes you happy. 
  4. Bake something.  Cupcakes with fancy pink frosting?  A giant heart-shaped cookie?  Even a loaf of banana chocolate chip bread (with extra chocolate chips!)  It doesn’t matter if you have kitchen skills or not, show your oven some love and attention.  Bonus points if you use a recipe and bake from scratch, but you be the judge of what you can handle – use a box mix, or even slice and bake refrigerated dough, if you must. 
  5. Netflix and chill.  Stay in your coziest jammies all day – not because you are sad and lonely, but because you are feeling snuggly and warm.  Pick a theme for your movies and binge, binge, binge.  Need some ideas?  Try one of these:  everything Channing Tatum has ever been in; every James Bond movie; modern day Shakespeare adaptations; films set in the 18th century; tearjerkers that make your cry.  Whatever makes you want to curl up on the couch and escape into someone else’s life for awhile.
  6. Have a Spa Day.  Head to your local Walgreens or CVS, and stock up on some items that will nurture your mental and emotional health, and make you feel pretty while you are at it!  Some ideas are:  charcoal facial, bath salts, nail polish, foot scrub, dry brush, body lotion, loofah, pore strips, hair hot oil treatment…Explore the beauty and wellness aisles, and scoop up some indulgences that appeal to you!  Then go home, turn on some soothing music, light an aromatic candle…and spaaaaaaaaah to your heart’s content.
  7. Make dinner.  Make your all-time favorite dinner, eat it on your nicest plates sitting AT A TABLE, and wash it all down with an amazing bottle of wine.  Whether you are alone or with others, plan on spending at least a full hour sitting at the table.  No phone, no computer, no book – enjoy your own company, and savor every bite of a delicious meal prepared by you and for you.

Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day Away From Home

  1.   Make time to watch the sunrise and/or sunset.  Appreciate the moment.  Appreciate the life you have and the wonder of the world.
  2. Go to an exercise class.  Valentine’s Day is a great day to get your sweat on and show your body some love.  Hit up your favorite pilates class, hot yoga studio, or cardio machines, or grab a ClassPass and try something new.   Just get out there and work up a sweat, the kind that makes you know you’ll be sore the next day.  Your body says thank you.
  3. Go skating.  If the weather cooperates and you’ve got an outdoor ice skating rink nearby, head there.  If that’s not possible, head to an indoor ice rink, or even a roller rink (throwback to junior high!)  If it’s been a while since you tied on a pair of skates, know this – you are in for some serious exercise, and probably a lot of laughter as some three-year old skates literal circles around you!  Skating rinks are great equalizers – you’ll find all abilities, and the place will be full of singles, couples, families, and friend groups – everyone is welcome at a skate rink.
  4. Go to your local Pet Shelter and ask to walk, exercise, or just play with some of the dogs.  Rub a bunch of them up, tell them they are special, and give those furbabies some love that they are so deserving of.  Who knows – maybe you’ll find your new best friend!  While you are there, drop  off any spare towels you may have – shelters always need towels.
  5. Visit a Senior Center.  Ask the staff to point you to residents who don’t get a lot of visitors, and spend a little time getting to know them.  If you are unsure of what to say, ask them about the past – a story about their childhood, for example.  You’ll open up a whole new world for yourself.  If you choose, you can bring them a little something – a flower, card, or even a handmade valentine heart (check with the staff first to make sure it’s ok).  A little kindness on your part can be the highlight of a senior’s day, even if you are only able to spend a few minutes with them.  You might be their only visitor for some time.
  6. Take a long walk or bike ride.   Explore a part of town you don’t normally spend time in.  Challenge yourself to appreciate your surroundings by watching for random beauty such as an early-blooming flower or buds swelling on the trees.  Focus on each of your senses to hear the joy of children’s laughter, smell the coffee brewing at the corner café,  taste a freshly baked cinnamon roll, and feel the fresh air blowing on your face.
  7. Indulge yourself in a special way.  Pick something that you don’t do often.  You might browse through some luxury boutiques, enjoy new age culture at a poetry reading, or get a double scoop of coffee bourbon ice cream on a waffle cone. 

senior holding hands

And there you have it – 14 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single, couple, or in a group!


FINAL THOUGHTS on Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Are you more the flowers/dinner/chocolates type, or will you fall in love with a new experience this year?  Let me know in the comments below!

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ways to celebrate valentines day

2 thoughts on “14 Inspiring Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day”

  1. Sometimes we go out for dinner with the family on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes, we have a nice family dinner at home with pizza and garlic bread. We also make it either a family movie night or a family game night. I love all your ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Going skating on Valentine’s Day wounds fun.

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    1. Family dinner sounds like a perfect way to celebrate – surrounded by love! And making a night of it with a movie or games makes it even better. great ideas – thank you!

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